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Vocalist,  songwriter  and instrumentalist Adrienne Palmer known as "ADRENA"  was born  May  24,  1980  in  Jackson  Mississippi.    Her  singing career began at age five in County Line Baptist Church and has  continued  to  flourish.

Photos provided by Adrena

Her church provided the necessary training to enhance her natural talent especially in the Blues/Southern Soul arena.   In April, 2008, ADRENA completed her first single, "WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE". The single was released to the media and received overwhelming responses.    "Cheatn on Da Back Street” from her album "Thoughts of a Woman" was released in March, 2010 prior to the album being released August 1, 2010. Her music is being aired on stations in the United States, France and the United Kingdom

ADRENA has shared the stage with artists such as Denise LaSalle, Anthony Hamilton, The Barkays, Betty Wright, Lakeside and others across the South. From 2002 through 2012, she sang background for various artists including Peggy  Scott Adams, William Bell and Vick Allen. Her mission is to infuse her love for music into a new generation of music lover.

ADRENA’s love for music has always been astounding. Her creativity allows her to transfer words from her heart onto a musical canvas.  Thus, much of her writing creativity comes from life experiences. ADRENA’s voice training, piano and drum lessons prepared her for advancement in the music world. Her music definitely shows the influences of Koko Taylor and Aretha Franklin, which is a clever bridge  between two distinctive genres.

ADRENA teamed up with international award winning recording artist Nellie Tiger Travis and released a hot single titled Another Womans Man with an amazing visual. ADRENA  has released   her sophomore album  titled "Better Days" recorded and produced in Memphis,TN at the famous Royal Studios. Engineered and produced by  Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, son of the great Willie Mitchell and she wants listeners to receive the pure essence  of ADRENA through her lyrics. This new project emanates from a place of healing and accepting all that has happened from being broken hearted to  learning to love again. “Better Days” includes the recently released singles “Man Gonna Do”, “Right Here With Me”, and “Ready to Love Again and hit single"He Won't Leave His Wife" written by Luther Lackey.

From 2015 to 2016 she was blazing the stage shared with some of the household names greats such as: Anthony Hamilton, Betty Wright, The Barkays, Lakeside and many more. She's currently working on a new single titled “Slay the Big Girl Way” that will be released with a video. With this single Adrena want to empower all women from all walks of life, different educational backgrounds,  all ethnicities, and sizes. She's says it's all about loving yourself. All of you. The good bad and the ugly!!! https://youtu.be/QCWfORB_q3k



Swagg: Hello Adrena Johnson, tell us here are you from?


Adrena I'm From Jackson MS. All my life

Swagg: You give a great performance how Long have you been performing?


Adrena: I've been performing since I was five years old, I started in the church. I started singing Southern Soul in 2008 with my first single 'Good For The Goose'.

Swagg: What's your most memorable moment?


Adrena: I was on a show in Edwards with Ms. Jody,  OB  Buchana and others. I was singing a Betty Wright song  'No Pain No Gain'  and if anybody knows anything about Betty Wright. She hits these high notes that are all the way up in the clouds and it was time for me to hit that note and I took a deep breathe and in punched into to and I hit that note dead on and I was so excited and I was proud of myself for doing it. That's my most memorable moment.


Swagg: Where do you have the most love?


Adrena: Although I have fans everywhere I am most loved I think. In the Delta 'Home Of The Blues' . They show so much love down there.  Greenwood, Greenville,  they show Drena much love down there and I be so excited every time I get the chance to go down there and show  love back.


Swagg: How  has working in the industry pushed or pulled you in directions you did or din't want to go?


Adrena: It has pulled me and pushed me I must say. it has pulled because like in everything you have your pros and your cons but you have to overcome the obstacles and keep going. But it has definitely pushed me in another direction to work in other genre of music. I'm currently working on a blues album. I'm working on something else so it has definitely pushed me to be the best I can be and be diverse in my music. I recently won Second place in the IBC Challenge which is the International Blues Challenge.  Which opened a lot of doors for me in the Blues market. Now I'm getting ready to go to Memphis and just kind of see how it goes and how they operate in the blues scene. Because it's kind of different.  Wish me the best,  because I'm going to become a household name one way or the other.

Swagg:If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned / Independent Artist What Would It Be?


Adrena: Chase your dreams and don't let one no stop you from being the best you can be. Where there is one no, there are a million yes.  Just accept the fact everybody is not going to like what you are doing. Everyone is not going to like your music, but don't you stop.  You keep following what's in your heart.  As long as you pursue  it with the right intentions. Do it because of your passion and your love for it you will be successful you will be happy.

Photos provided by Adrena

Swagg: So what's next for Adrena. Leaving Southern Soul forever?


Adrena: I'm not leaving Southern Soul. I'm going to branch out and work on a blues album. When I say blues I mean the KoKo Taylors the B.B. King type of blues which is different from Southern Soul. So that's what's next for me and I'm sure that's going to take me places thast Southern Soul could not take me  and get me in front of people that I couldn't get in front of singing Southern Soul RnB. That's what's next for Adrena.

Photos provided by Adrena

Swagg: So how do you feel about SwaggNation Magazine as a platform for the Independents?


Adrena: SwaggNation Magazine this is an awesome movement for independent artist. You will give us a platform that we need to be heard .to let the world know that do exist and that we are independent that we are out here that we are paving our own way we are not signed with any major record label and everything that we do we fund for ourselves and you will give us an opportunity to let the world know that we exist and that there is good music out here that isn't signed to major record label and people should pay attention to independent artist because we have great music.


Swagg: Adrena thanks you  for the great  interview. Any Last words?


Adrena: Last words. I want to thank everyone for their support whether it was coming to a show, liking something on facebook or sharing something on facebook.  Speaking of which. Add me on facebook @adrena also youtube @adrene1000 and

IG @the1artistadrena follow me and I appreciate all of your support and I pray that all of you be blessed. As you continue to support me.  As I continue to bring you some good music.

Photos provided by Adrena


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