There are plenty of people in this world that lose their way and never make it back on course. B.D.Kold was almost one of those people forever lost in a mist of chaos.

Growing up outside of Baton Rouge, trouble found the then 13-year-old B.D.Kold, known then as Brandon Stovall. One wrong decision after the next led him to not only stealing a car and driving it across state lines at that age but totaling it. Next came a string of questionable choices that involved drugs.

Everything from dealing with addiction ruled in the coming years.


In between then and now B.D.Kold found strength in hip hop. It gave him something that nothing had before but the naivety of that troubled 13-year-old was inthe back of his mind and the negativity of the streets crept back into his life. In 2014 something finally clicked. It was time to turn his life around or not have much time on earth left. It was then that he entered a disciple program and turned his life around thanks in part to pastor Kenneth Stewart. It was as if he'd been reborn with a clear head on his shoulders. No longer a prisoner of the past, B.D.Kold was able to push towards his future. One that involved just him and his music. With Walking In Faith The EP, B.D.Kold hopes to break through the grit that often clouds the hip-hop industry and deliver his profound, honest and interesting take on the genre.

Having a past littered with negativity is nothing new to the rap game, but B.D.Kold stands out for coming out the other side of that all with the help of the Lord and his faith. Every track on this recording sounds personal to the artist, and that makes every song seem like something special. Each cut has its own meaning in the bigger story. The EP sounds amazing too, and the combination of meaning and sound is absolutely terrific. Right from when the first track, “Make It Rain” opens, it’s hard not to connect with B.D.Kold as a person when listening to his music. That is the goal of “Walking In Faith The E.P.”.In today’s gritty rap industry, it is difficult to find artists who are profound, honest, and interesting.

B.D.Kold is as such throughout this record. The rapper notes, "Anyone dealing with addiction, a broken home, loneliness, depression, poverty, or any type of sickness or ailment - I believe God can heal and change them because he has done this for me in my life, and for the people around me as well."Come July 2018 B.D. Kold will release his second project, Heart Condition. This will allow him to gain more traction for his name and his mission as he is dedicated to not only performing for entertainment but for those in search of something more. He wants to perform and minister throughout the country, impacting everyone he comes across along the way.

SwaggNation: Where are you from?


B.D. Kold: I'm from a small town about 20 miles outside of Baton Rouge, La.



SwaggNation: How long have you been performing?


B.D. Kold: I grew up doing music, but I took 5 years off, I've just started this Gospel Mission in January.



SwaggNation: How Do Want The World To Think / React To The Your performance?


B.D.Kold: I hope to leave a positive impact on the world, and allow people to look toward Jesus Christ and what hes done for us through the music that the Holy Spirit allows me to write, all glory be to God.



SwaggNation: Do you write your own lyrics?


B.D.Kold: I do allow my hands to write but i always take the time to pray and try to hear what God wants me to say over the beats.



SwaggNation: As Of Right Now Today What Do You Think About The Industry?


B.D.Kold: I think that anyone with a platform owes their self as well as the listener the respect and the responsibility of pushing positive and life change information.



SwaggNation: Since You Have Been working on your craft has it pulled you away or push you in a direction that you didn't want to go?


B.D. Kold: When I was younger and was still stuck in the world, rapping what I was living, and living what I was rapping def. had a negitave affect on me

but I thank God for cleaning me up and allowing me to spit positive messages and live them out as well.



SwaggNation: If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned / Independent Artist What Would It Be?


B.D.Kold: To Always be yourself, God made you with a purpose, and a reason in mind, there is only one you, never let someone else influence you to compromise with what your heart tells you your content should be, always give it everything you got, and pray about everything.



SwaggNation: If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are For music In one Word what Would It Be?


B.D. Kold: Ravenous.



SwaggNation: How Do You Feel About SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE as A Movement For The Independents?


B.D. Kold: I think its a wonderful outlet for anyone who is trying to move foward and grow, I would like to thank the team at SwaggNation for the love and support they've shown me, they are a stand up group of people, and any artist should be honored to have the guys in their corner.










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