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Ben Linton


It was around the beginning of September when Chemical Rage announced their drummer Ben Linton had cancer. Sadly October 26th they announced that Ben had passed away.

Ben the person is loved by many. His family, his friends and the PDX music community. It was really special to hear concerts all over donating their door to Ben and his family. Brenda Tipton, Talent Buyer for EastSide Bar & Grill always had a donation box at every event for Ben. I love The music community here in PDX. Feels like a family. What a treasure it was to meet him. So many people shared what Ben had done for them or cool stories they had about Ben and the most common thing I read was how he was trying to make someone’s day better. Fitting because you could see in his face, he loved playing music for others to enjoy. He enjoyed brightening other people’s world. It made you love him more.


Ben the drummer, amazing to see. Double kick with electronic effects. The kit centered on stage was an awesome statement. Sound check, you can feel it hit your chest and Ben saying to the sound guy, “A little more please”. Everyone started to clap. We were in for a one of a kind experience. Truly one of the best shows I have seen. Stage presence, mic control, WOW! Ben looked like he ran a marathon with the biggest smile after the show. The whole band had to help break down the drum kit. The drum kit needed it’s own room before and after the show, it was that big.

Thank you Ben for an amazing show, for being amazing off stage as well, for helping so many people with with their dreams. You are a Rock Star. Rage your day!

Shane....Rest Well....Rest Well.

"In honor of  Ben Linton in the Rock n Roll heavens here's to you my friend. You will always be remembered. You were taken away much too soon. RIP." Love Kristopher.

Ben Linton


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