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Bud Stankz is a new wave trend setter who wrote his first raps in juvenile prison.

Photos provided by Bud Stankz

Bud Stankz released his first musical piece in 2017. Been touring around Sweden ever since, with Sweden’s most controversial artist Frej Larsson.

He is heavily influenced by southern artist like Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. Bud Stankz used to play basketball in his earlier years, before and after juvenile prison. During that time, he used to spend his summers in North Carolina. Where he first got introduced to such artists like Gucci Mane.

Bud Stankz has made a name for himself for his energetic live performances. His performances can sometimes be mind blowing and make your jaw drop. He has been touring all over Sweden with Pizzaslize Records. He opened up for Zara Larsson with his team on her only show in Sweden.

Swagg: How's it going Bud?


Bud: I'm good, thanks. Actually in the studio right now. Cutting new music.


Swagg: Tell Us where you From?


Bud: I'm the new generation out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Swagg: So How long have you been Doing This?


Bud: I've been recording for the past 4 or 5 years now and making the best music of my life as we speak.

Swagg: What's your motivation to Continue?


Bud:  I'm hungry and I gotta eat. I wanna be able to tell stories to my future kids how we used to tour all over Sweden playing our music.


Swagg: You have a very unique style. Can you describe it?


Bud:  I'm a Rockstar. End of story.

Swagg: You've Been In the industry. Has it had a negative or positive influence on your life music or style?


Bud: This type of industry has it's super highs and real lows. Like getting home from a festival playing in front of masses and seeing different faces all over the place and now to sitting on your own at home couple days after trying to soak everything in. Sometimes I like to distance myself from people.

Swagg: Do you Have A special Moment performance or recording wise that you can share with Us?


Bud: There is a song called Our Way that I performed on the swedish radio show EAST FM. Some people hated it and some loved it. You should see for yourself.

Published to YouTube by EastFM  on Nov. 10, 2017

Swagg: Where'd You Get Your name from?


Bud: People around me in the studio used to pack them loud packs and the hallways used to be stanking kush. It got a bit of a reputation. That's when people started to call me Stankz, Bud Stankz.

Photos provided by Bud Stankz

Swagg: What advice would you give to up and coming rappers or those that are thinking about letting loose with their git?


Bud: Just do not quit.


Swagg: Any last Words for your fans?


Bud: I love you all.

Photos provided by Bud Stankz


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