Anaheim BurgAn'D an Artist of many names.

How did you end up with Anaheim BurgAn' D?

- The name was given to me by the homie S.T.O.W.N. while we were addressing my brand efficiency as a better way for people to connect with me. Not many people outside of Australia know what a Thylacine is so we decided to simplify things and play off of my last name.

How long have you been in the music industry and when did you realize you wanted to be a full time Artist? Was it hard making that decision to pursue music?

- I'm into the music but I wouldn't consider myself as part of the "industry" just yet. We got the tax ID for World Capture back in 2009. I have been rhyming and performing since 1995. Initially, I held off on taking it as serious as I probably should have and when asked, would be hesitant to say I spit. I was more into my hustle at the time. I decided after S.T.O.W.N. and I did our first show with Da Whoridaz that we had "IT" and that we should take it serious. Being that I have a great love for music it wasn't difficult to decide to pursue it, it's been extremely difficult deciding to quit. God will not allow me to.

What style of music do you create? Is it gangsta, trap, house, or political?

- I would have to say all of the above with a side of I'll let the listeners decide. I have always tried to remain limitless with my creative mindset therefore allowing my words to be timeless. I learned that from Marvin Gaye and have been trying to not say the year in the songs. I enjoy making music regardless of its "box" or "label". Taking those so called chances is how I track my creative growth.

What are some of the past groups you been apart of? When I checked your resume you have paid your dues in this music industry.

- Thank you for that. Initially myself and S.T.O.W.N. were simply Lazy & S.T.O.W.N. After that I linked up eventually with The Beathouse Gunners and now myself and Player P make up RBP.

When people think of a Rappers on the West Coast the first thing they think of is Compton, Long Beach, Los Angeles,  The Bay Area, even San Diego why do you think the OC doesn't get the respect it deserves?

- First off much love and respect to all of those places mentioned and the entire globe worth of hip hop or better yet street music period. In regards to the Orange Crush and it's respect, I believe that is irrelevant. People today care very little about where you are from. Look at Aubrey. I have no idea how much respect Toronto has but dude is ridiculously successful at what HE does. Not to say we are the same type of Artist, but where you are from has become only important to self and those from the place you are from. All relative but holds no bearing on success. I don't worry about our respect as I am focused mores o on providing and protecting our musical/creative outlets.

What are some of your future projects and who will be part of your projects?

- I have a few things that I am working on. Focus is first on creating the way for my niece Marsai musically. This involves creating her label and publishing company. Secondly, I am working on "7P's" with Player P leading him into his first solo effort. Thirdly, I  am working on my three solo EP's entitled "And Then Came Me", "Billy the Kid" and "Doc Hollywood". After that the LP will drop and there's no title for that yet. This is the Agenda for 2016.

Your family has major ties in the entertainment industry how does that help your music career?

- Spiritual guidance is where it helps. I know what success in music looks and feels like. I also have full access to some of the doppest insider knowledge available. I ask no favors from my family, I just soak up game and pay attention.

Tell us about N.S.A what does it stand for and what made you write this particular song?

- N.S.A. is my angle at making lyricists whole again. From my standpoint, I see bars spit by most in the game as paraphrasing. No sentence structure and that, for me, makes it difficult to understand at times. N.S.A. is me letting those types of artists know that my style is a problem for they're lyrical safety.

If you restart your music career what would you do differently and why.

- Nothing, God planned this perfectly. Much love to #SwaggNationMagazine for this article.

In closing you got anything to say to all your haters?

- I know who you are..........


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