Carmen Hendrix

Author . Entrepreneur . Speaker

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi,

Carmen Hendrix began writing at an early

age. She is an avid volunteer and very

active in community outreach. In 1996,

she moved to Coral Gables, Florida and

attended the University of Miami where

she studied English Creative Writing and

Broadcast Journalism. Having faced

personal trials while there, Carmen left in

1998, and after a long stint in Texas and

an extensive career in Corporate America, she returned to Florida in 2017.



Carmen’s road to becoming a published author was not an easy one, and her life is reflected in her writing. Throughout her years, Carmen’s love affair with words has never wavered and she further cultivated her relationship with writing through the poetry circuit in Mississippi and Texas.


She now introduces you to her book series “When Honeysuckles Fall.” The first book in the series is entitled “When Honeysuckles Fall” and is a collection of

short stories containing personal tales, and includes characters that are designed to connect with the audience

by relating to life’s experiences. Three novels will be introduced to add to the collection in 2017.



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Carmen hopes her writing connects with you as she tackles life’s issues, including forgiveness, and redemption, and she welcomes you with opened arms into her world.



Carmen Hendrix Interviewed by Artyscon Drew for

SNM: Hello Carmen how are you?

Carmen: I’m well.  Thanks for asking.


SNM: Thank you for giving us a moment of your time.

Carmen: Thank you for having me.


SNM: Who is Carmen Hendrix?

Carmen: Carmen is a small town girl living in a big city, an entrepreneur, an author, entrepreneur, and lover of words.



SNM: You are an Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur How do you maintain?


Carmen: Organization.  I have to use a calendar and schedule my time.  As a publisher, I personally edit my author’s books so I make sure that I schedule my time for it all, especially now that I am doing a podcast.  I’d be lost without my calendar.



SNM: Magnolia Babies Publishing?


Carmen: Yes.  That’s my Publishing company!  I’ve been working on it since 2005.




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SNM: You also Have a T-shirt line. Tell us about your vision.


Carmen: My t-shirt line started with a short story I’d written in my first book entitled, “A Change Will Soon Come.”  One of the characters, Donna, wore an “Unapologetically Me” t-shirt as a result of befriending a woman who lost her son to police brutality in a senseless act and case of mistaken identity.  Many of my readers asked about the shirt so I decided to design it and, thus, the line was born.  I tell people it symbolizes her strength, her love of her blackness, her thirst for continued freedom.  Be bold.  Be you.  Be unapologetic.



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SNM: 2018, what can we look forward to from Carmen?


Carmen: Wow.  2018 is going to be a banger.  I have solidified distribution of the books from my company with Walmart.  I’d already partnered with a distribution company for other large retailers and we are also available internationally.  I, personally, have four books planned for release this year with the first one coming January 20th entitled Phoenix Blooms.  I also plan on becoming a household name using my podcast as a platform to help me make that dream a reality.  I ask everyone to look me up.  It’s available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube and its called The Honey Pot Podcast!  Be sure to subscribe and share.  Finally, I’m developing a scholarship for high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in creative writing or journalism.



Carmen's Podcast "Honey Pot Podcast"

SNM: Thank you for your time anything you want to say to your fans?


Carmen: First and foremost, keep God first.  I would be lost if I didn’t acknowledge Him.  I also truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and love.  I wouldn’t be here without you.  I can be found on social media so be sure to look me up and keep in touch with me:

Facebook: @CarmenHendrixWriter

IG: @carmLogy

Twitter:  @Carmen_Hendrix

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Carmen Hendrix

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