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Yung Miss is a soulful singer who can also rhyme from Perris, California. Performing since 2012, she’s made a name for herself locally, and has even taken her show to Las Vegas. Winning multiple awards and showcases, building a radio presence and even being noted by the local press – she’s a diamond in the ruff that’s about to go from local to national with her upcoming release, It’s Complicated.


Chance The Rapper made it known that a bomb Soundcloud can take you to the Grammy stage and make you a household name, and with the talent coming from Yung Miss – she’s about to do the same. With almost four dozen tracks to her name, this Southern California artist is working on even more to deliver her next release, It’s Complicated.

While the upcoming title sends out signals of drama, Yung Miss is anything but. A laid back artist who balances her sound with soulful lyrics and insightful rhymes, she’s comparable to a young Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. With a sound like that she’s managed to find herself on stages all over her home base including Riverside, Pomona, San Diego, Los Angeles, and even as far as Las Vegas.

Since finding her voice and taking on music, Yung Miss has won numerous showcases and awards, has been featured on both KCAA 106.5 and KDAY 93.5, and was featured in the Press Enterprise when her album, Waveforms, was noted as one of the best local releases in 2013. She plans on making that list again when she drops It’s Complicated later this year



SNM : Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

Yung Miss : In 10 years I hope to be the CEO or president of a successful business, blog or label! I think in 10 years time I would have gained enough knowledge about the music industry to really help others be successful as well!


SNM : How Do Want The World To Think/ React To The Lyrics You Spit?

Yung Miss : I want people to be pleasantly surprised when they hear my lyrics! I want people to say "Wow! Where did she come from?!"


SNM : If You Had 1 Rapper To Compare Yourself To Who do Would It Be And Why?

Yung Miss : I'm gonna go out on a limb here and compare myself to JayZ! I've always loved how his lyrics are straight to the point and metaphoric at the same time and I always try my best to do the same. It makes music more captivating for the listener!


SNM : As Of Rite Now Today What Do You Think About The Rap Game?

Yung Miss : I want more from the rap game honestly! Seems like only a few artist are being put on the forefront and I feel like I'm missing out on music. I want music more readily available to me like it used to be!.


SNM : Since You Been An Artist Has Rapping pulled you away or push you in a direction that didn't want to go?

Yung Miss : I think being an artist has pushed me to be more than an artist and I think that is a good thing! Now I throw shows, I blog, I strategize... I like the direction that things are going in!


SNM : If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned Artist What Would It Be?

Yung Miss : Stay hungry. People can tell when you've lost your hunger and they won't be interested in feeding you their energy.


SNM : If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are For This Rap game In 1Word what Would It Be?

Yung Miss : Starving


SNM : How Do You Feel About SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE as A Movement For All Unsigned Talent?

Yung Miss : I appreciate the love that SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE has shown me throughout my career. It is an honor to be featured on a publication that shows love to artist they see doing their thing!



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