Dane Uno, artist, actor, writer, poet, from the south side of Chicago. He's a vet in the game, while residing in New York the past few years Dane released a slew of singles and performed around the city, he began recording and releasing singles for Junkadelic featuring Kool Keith in 2014 beginning with single Hoodini which appeared on 7" vinyl B side along with AG of DITC & Kool Keith on the A side. Dane Uno whipped a solid mixtape album titled Project Radiation released on Junkadelic Music digitally 2016 a series of artist  Dane Uno featured Dj Phonz The Architect, Kanye, Sharkula, Rob Smoov and JD and more. Spotify, datpiff, YouTube, itunes.

Dane Uno toured with Kool Keith 2015/2016 teasing his new upcoming album titled "Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light" due for release on Junkadelic Music 2017, host's an arsenal of infectious music with the likes of Kool Keith, Sav Killz, Pete Rock, Math Hoffa and more, as this album spins the more your drawn in to the next song. Not new to making albums since his prior digital album release "Digital Game" this is exactly what Dane's fans need, those interstellar add on's to where he left off.

"Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light" Junkadelic Music 2017 by Dane Uno


Dane Uno Interviewed by Skii Starr from her HoTT OFF THA BREAST Series.

Dane Uno

HOTT: Where were you born raised what city do you live in?

DANE UNO: I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. I live in New York.

HOTT: Being from Chicago, you had the opportunity to pursue your dream,

your artistry any where in the world. Why did you choose New York?

Dane Uno: I chose New York because it’s close to home. I have a lot of love for NY as well as California but I felt New York was best in a sense for me to move around and aim for what I wanted to accomplish based on my music style and city similarities. I can blend in and travel like I already know.  I’m a true Hip-Hop head.



HOTT: Define yourself with one word.



HOTT: Who and what do you represent?

DANE UNO: I represent Family TF. Teamfirst.


HOTT: How did your name become apart of you?

DANE UNO: When it came to making business decisions over non-sense, I always ended up moving solo, UNO!



HOTT: How long have you been in the game?

DANE UNO: Forever, lol. I’m back from the future.


HOTT: How did you get your start as an artist?

DANE UNO: Working with Dug Infinite, producer partner of mine at the time from Chicago. NoID.


HOTT: Name of your label?

DANE UNO: Junkadelic Music, Paris France.


HOTT: Name of Management?

DANE UNO: Independently Managed.


HOTT: While the majority of artist, are falling in the same circle of sound.

You have always chosen to go against the grain with your creativity. What’s your view?

DANE UNO: I always try to counter what is going on around me musically,

being where I’m from to where I’ve been and life experiences; creatively I’m

different. I like music that’s not like my style as well because of the uniqueness

of how people write.


HOTT: What inspires you to stay in the game?

DANE UNO: The love of the art.


HOTT: Who is the one person in the music industry you would like to work with?

DANE UNO: A few people but Jay Z would be my person of choice because

he is at the top in my genre.



HOTT: Who are some of the artist you have had the opportunity to work with:

DANE UNO: I’ve made songs with “BadAzz from DPG”, “Baby C” in LA, “Kool Keith” in Hollywood, CA. I also opened for Mary J. Blige in St. Louis, worked with “APlus” from Souls of Mischief, “Never” of Crucial Conflict, “DJ Alamo of Brand Nubians, “PrincePo” of Organized Kunfusion,Dug Infinite is who mentored me at a young age at JayChill Studios in Chicago which influenced my Hip-Hop path without knowing it.


HOTT:You have recently been collaborating with legendary “Kool Keith”. How did that come about?

DANE UNO: I actually had the opportunity of meeting “Kool Keith” in Hollywood, California in 2002. We worked on a few projects before I went back to Chicago. We then ran across each other last year on my birthday in Manhattan. He was like, “Yo, Wassup. I need you in the studio, take my number”. Somebody took our picture and then we was recording, ‘Hoodini’ the next week


HOTT: How was the experience of working with ‘Kool Keith’ in the studio:

DANE UNO: Crazy! I’ve been in the studio with Keith before but for it to all

happen so fast again. It was like we continued were we left off in LA. After

all my hustling in NY. Lol, we did a couple more songs. You can find on the

‘Final Destination Fixtape ‘ on datpiff.com


HOTT: What was the inspiration behind both songs ‘Hoodini’ and ‘Bring Me Down’?

DANE UNO: ‘Hoodini’ was basically a way of saying how people where I’m from might have forgotten about me or like I just disappeared and not going to make it in music. My insight for ‘Kool Keith’ is him showing how emcees in his class might have forgotten his abilities as well. So we used a little magic to reveal our disappearing act. “Hoodini” by ‘Kool Keith ft. Dane Uno is on Vinyl and can be purchased at Fatbeats.com


DANE UNO: ‘Bring Me Down’ is a song driven toward the artist who cant get right, not being creative, growing with the music,  and pushing the art or rather depend on a dollar for motivation for they own self. So, don’t ‘Bring Me Down’ cause I’m Ma keep grind’n!



HOTT: Title of your current album?

DANE UNO: "Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light" Junkadelic Music 2017 by Dane Uno


HOTT: Any Shout-outs?

DANE UNO: My city, my Deejay, Dj Phonz, KingDrive, ILL Reka, Duglnf, TF. Family, Herb Brasco, NeverMore, and Crucial Conflict, LEP,  APlus of Souls of Mischief, my New York Family and everyone I got luv for.


HOTT: To purchase music and for collaborations how can labels, artist contact you?

DANE UNO: www.DaneOne1@gmail.com, or Twitter @therealDane1 I gotchu direct!


HOTT: Final remarks?

DANE UNO: Yes, the grind is hard! Nothing is worth having if it was easy. You appreciate things more and are conscious of your surrounding everywhere you go as an open-minded person. Hip-Hop lives within me and it has affected my life in many ways. Sacrifices for one from the people you love to meeting new people in new places.  You experience as you go can become very valuable in your future life in whatever it is you do!



Much continued success as “The World Is Watching”


It’s official and it’s “HOTT oFF THA BREAST” of Skii Starr




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