It started with the song “Planet Rock”. The moment DJ OSO Fresh heard this classic by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force his passion for DJing and music was ignited. Born in Portland Oregon DJ OSO Fresh soon discovered that music was unified people, regardless of race, color or gender. When his family moved to Northern California, in his early teenage years, OSO was exposed to the Powermixers on stations like KMEL and KSOL. He paid close at attention to the smooth blends from song to song, never missing a Beat.



Since his mother didn’t quite understand his early fascination with music nor his innate ability to create, he funded his early career through odd jobs, a paper route and his weekly allowance.

After acquiring a DJ Mixer for his 14th birthday, OSO refurbished two

old Technics turntables and started mixing on a few 12” singles his uncle had left him before going to the service.

From that point on the record store became weekly ritual, spending whatever cash he had on music. By the age of 19 he was selling music, later to become manager of a music store. While selling music OSO moved into music production releasing a few local singles with his group Deuce Deep and an EP with the Hip Hop collective US titled “In us we trust”


Upon returning to Portland OSO landed a job at a local recording studio, recording local R&B and hip hop acts. Then the radio bug bit him. OSO enrolled in Mount Hood Community College’s radio broadcasting program and was quickly picked up by a station. Within 2 years OSO was mixing on the radio and has since remained on the radio for the past 9 years.

Syndicating mixes to other markets (Spokane, Boise, Seattle), all from his Portland based home studio. OSO broke new ground in the Portland market by being one of the few Mix Show DJs to ever become an “on-air” personality and simultaneously play as a DJ at the hottest clubs in Portland. Opening for acts like Ne-yo, Dave Chappelle, Pussy Cat Dolls, Pauly D, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Shaggy. OSO didn’t just stick to radio, he put his studio knowledge to work creating exclusive remixes, edits and music videos. Now you know where it started and th that same passion and desire is what motivates him to move

crowds today.





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