Born and raised in New Orleans,La I always loved music. Got addicted to real Hip-Hop in the '80s, influenced by Big Daddy Kane, KRS ONE, Chuck D., Ice Cube etc..., I started out beat boxing then I started writing rhymes and was good at it. A friend of mine, ERC, introduced me to legendary New Orleans producer Cise HD and we cut some demos and I was down with FULL PACK, a production crew who not only spawned Cise HD but Beats By the Pound's Craig B. I did a few things locally but got passed over when Cise left and went to BIG BOY RECORDS, Craig B got with NO LIMIT RECORDS and FULL PACK went on to regional success.

On the sidelines watching the game unfold and as CASH MONEY RECORDS ascended unto music stardom, I worked with Charles Carter of Bigg Catz Productions and we started  recording LETHAL LYRICIST scheduled for release in┬áSeptember 05. The week of release Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and I relocated to Tyler,TX raising my son there for 3years . Homesick, I moved back to New Orleans to get on my feet and to pick up where I left my life. Still loving the rhyme Charles rebuilt his studio and we started recording.

Diabetes ravaged my eyes and high blood pressure destroyed my kidneys all at one time and I prayed to God to please allow me to overcome thus situation and I'll take my gift seriously.

Rappin is my gift, the use of words is my gift and after 7 surgeries on my eyes and lising the vision in one along with ending up on dialysis, I'm forging ahead with NOTHIN DECENT VOL I and 3 more albums scheduled after it. We at

B-Fly Records intend to help as many artists to release their music as we can. Life can be taken from you or redirect you in other paths due to whatever. I choose to stay on my musical path because that's what I love. NOTHIN DECENT VOL II on the way.

More From Doc Box M.D. coming soon....


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