His Story

Drevo Coolidge, whose real name is Courtney Vincent Moore was born February 1, 1989. The rapper is originally of Bermudian decent. He’s from the island Somerset Sandy’s Parrish. He relocated to Jackson Ms at a very young age. His father was in and out of his life, which caused him to be raised by his single mother.
Between age 13 and 14, he began rapping over beats and realized that music was his passion. Years later, he went on to record a platinum record titled “Bermuda”, inspired by his father. The two reunited when his dad heard his song on the radio. In 2017, the song became a platinum hit. Millions of people worldwide were reciting his famous hook, “High tide for a shooter, ocean water with my moolah.”
In August 2018, he released his highly anticipated mixtape, “Music Therapy” hosted by Hoodrich’s own DJ Pretty Boy Tank. On March 1, 2019, he signed with ADOOR ENTERTAINMENT / RADIO UNCUT LLC, dropping a club banger that ignited his sound called “FAYGO”.
he following month a R&B sensation was born entitled “Befriended” Featuring/ Produced By Flex 618. Drevo now tours the country and international waters bringing a new drip of music to the table.
Swagg: Drevo What's been going my brotha? Drevo: Been blessed in a bigger market. Working more on R&B and Pop now. Swagg: What is Drevvy Xxperiment as a project to you? Drevo: Drevvy Xxperiment is my projection to the world in R&B. I’m continuing my journey but making sure that I am recognized for more than just one record. Getting the audience ready for my next big single. Swagg: What's the next big single? Drevo: The next big single (Currently circuiting Radio stations) is “CINDY” an anthem for the ladies giving them one message (Creative, Independent, Natural, Designed, You). We will be dropping the single on July 5th to all major platforms. And a promo video will be releasing to Worldstar shortly after the release. Swagg: Let's talk about Drevvy Xxperiment. you have a favorite track from this one. right now mine is "Viral". Drevo: My favorite right now is "Que Que" because when we recorded the song it was so simple and fun. I actually freestyled the hook and half of the verse. Swagg: Describe your style. Drevo: My style is island mixed with American sound. Swagg: What's the plan moving forward for the year? Drevo: Promoting the single and working on the album. Swagg: How do you feel about SwaggNation Magazine as a platform for the independents? Drevo: Great platform. Swagg: Any last word? Drevo: Bless up to the world


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