Rapper, hip-hop artist, and songwriter, Tilley is THE MAN to look out for on the West Coast.  The 26 year-old Inglewood, CA native grew up in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. He prides himself on his ability to change the cadence and genre of music and attributes all his talents and success to God.

Today, the young artist spends much of his time between recording studios and live stages, like many artists aimed at succeeding in the music industry.

Tilley’s hard work and dedication to the game has awarded him the opportunity to open for well-known artists such as Wale, French Montana, Joe Moses and Nipsey Hussle.


He has also written over 100 songs for himself as well as other artists. When not lending his time to his craft, he can be found spending time at home with his kids.”

SNM: Dropboy Tilley  how did you come up with your name Dropboy Tilley?


DropBoy: I came up with name Dropboy Tilley during a conversation I was having with my daughter...I kept talkin bout how I was droppin on stuff and she was like u should just call yourself Dropboy Tilley...and that's what I'm going wit.


SNM: Where are you from?


DropBoy: I'm from Los Angeles California by way of Orange County California...I claim all that shit I love all that shit and respect it all equal period...I got family all over Southern California I call Watts my home that's my backyard when I'm on my tip I'm where niggas know how to holla at me to put some since to the thought...I trust very few but the ones I do I'll kill and die for and that has no color period.


SNM: How was it growing up in the streets of California did you always wanted to be a rapper?


DropBoy: Growing up in the streets of California was like bittersweet. I made decisions that made it hard on myself because of the urge to be understood at times...so I told myself whatever I decide to be I'm gone be the best at it period...never thought about being a rapper at all...it's funny because I been performing my whole life. But I never seen this at all this is a complete blessing.

SNM: What do you think about today's music? And how do you compare your music to the music Thats out today?


DropBoy: Today's music to me is more right now than timeless... everybody tryna get on so they can stunt but if u didn't grind for it u ain't gone keep it...and the only thang that people keep are pocessions they value that are timeless...I'm tryna be in the timeless bracket where when I'm dead and gone my words still heal the wounds of the ones scared to speak the pain they feel...or the ones that don't know how...I feel that's my calling on Earth especially how it's all coming together I know it has to be God that designed this...I'm just goin with flow this was Gods plan before it was ever mines.



SNM: If you had a chance to work with anybody in the business who and why?


DropBoy: If I had a chance to work with anybody in the game it would be John legend Chris Brown Ludacris TI Plies Boosie T Pain DJ Khalid DJ Drama Jeezy Emeinem Kendrick PAC Biggie Bone Thugs Mac Dre YG DJ mustard Joe Moses Future 2 chains Twista Trey Songs Remy Ma Drake Nicki Lil Wayne...and because I just wanna be heard I'll get on a track wit u if u believe in what u say like I do...I never said nothing I just watched and when because when I spoke I wanted know exactly what I was talking about to the point I can show a blind man wit my words.


SNM: Some artist write stories fairy tales and others write about past things they have or going through is everything you speak about in your music a life experience?


DropBoy: All my music are true life experiences period. This is my theropy this is the shit I can't tell everybody but at the same time I still gotta let everybody know why I feel I can't tell everybody...if that makes any since.


SNM: What would you tell an upcoming artist about this music industry what tips should you give them?


DropBoy: To all upcoming artist I would say if u really want it go get it and stop asking for help or waiting on somebody to understand ur vision when it’s urs and nobody else’s for a reason. Keep grinding and stop talking let ur work speak for u.



SNM: If you was not making music what would you be doing?


DropBoy: If I wasn’t making music I’d be probably in jail or dead because I didn’t know I was capable of reaching so many people until I started really putting my passion into my music so I know for sure music has saved my life .


SNM: What do you think of www.swaggnationmagazine.com and the things they are trying to accomplish in the entertainment business?


DropBoy: I think Swagg is a positive channel/link to getting underground artist seen and heard I think what there trying to accomplish is beautiful and I appreciate the fact I was even an idea or conversation amongst there team so I’m very appreciative for the chance to be heard even more because that’s what this music shit is about.


SNM: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?


DropBoy: In the next 5 years I see myself helping people by the masses and being even wiser enough to identify my position in life as a positive messenger and influence.


SNM: Any last words for your fans?


DropBoy: I got my album the drop coming out soon followed by eye of the storm shortly after. All my links are DropBoy Tilley for everything. Y’all stay tuned and stay woke DropBoyEnt. Coming straight at u!





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