A previous interview with HD The Rapper and SwaggNation Magazine


Swagg: HD THE RAPPER how did you come up with the name HD ?

HD The Rapper: My grandma always called me heavy d and I just decided to go with HD.


Swagg:  HD when did you realize you wanted to be an Rapper and who are some of your influences in the Music industry?

HD The Rapper: It was in 2011, I had a job were I worked with a lot of celebrities and people in the music world and plus all my friends were rapping so I said fuck it. Lol, and I mostly listen to all west coast hip hop artist.


Swagg: Your from the EAST SIDE of Los Angeles tell your fans how was it growing up in a gang infested city were people say your lucky to see 21 and how you manage to overcome all the temptations and  peer pressure of the gangsta life style?

HD The Rapper: It was rough for the most part, living in a low income area with a poor education system and high drug and alcohol use, it was rough, and the gangs didn't make it any easier. I was able to survive by not being a statistic and being a leader.


Swagg: Finattic Gang  tell us how you became a member of this group and what's it's about can we suspect more music from the Finattic Gang in the future to come?

HD The Rapper: I became a member in 09-10, when inn ink (which was a tattoo crew started by my bestfriend Ez) merged with The Finatticz witch at the time was only 2 members and yes there will be lots of more music on the way


Swagg: If you can choose any artists pass or future to work with who would  it be and why?

HD The Rapper: No offense to anyone but I'm more focused on doing me and being the best me I can be.



Stay tuned for more from HDtherapper.....

Until then Swagg Easy!!!!!


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