Photos provide by Hideous Monster

Hideous Monster is a horror rock band formed in early 2017 in Portland, Oregon. The band is heavily influenced by horror movies and this is reflected in many of the song titles and lyrics. Sounds like The Misfits, The Cramps, meets Type O Negative. They recently have played shows with The Shack Shakers, Pretty Boy Floyd, & Prophets of Addiction. Their next show will be December 7th with Michael Graves of the Misfits.

Michael Spitzer-Singer

Mystery Mike-Singer From the depths of blackest night and the place where nightmares reside comes a thing most foul to haunt you.  A creature, a demon, a devil, a killer…a hideous monster from outside of time and space.

George Devita-Guitar

G.D. Fangs-Guitar  From Transylvania comes the creature of the night. looking for fresh victims to bite.  He can be found sleeping in his coffin by day and playing guitar by night.

Jack Ensign-Drums

Jack T. Ripper-Drums  Somewhere from the shadows deep within the night never see it coming always out of sight. Hack you up, slice you up, movin’ in for the kill. Shreddin’ the drums for a thrill, hack , cut, slice…blood will spill!

Mickey Rivera-Bass

Micky Manslaughter-   Manslaughter has clawed his way out of the crypt to bring you dark tones from the abyss and beyond. Keep hands and feet away because this hideous monster bites….and eats. We are not responsible for any torn limbs during the show as a result of Micky Manslaughter’s hunger for flesh. Approach at your own risk.


First Look with Hideous Monster, October 04 2017, at Rock Hard PDX Bar and Grill , Portland Oregon.

Photos by James Kemp Photography

Contact Hideous Monster :
Social Media Booking & Inquiries or call George Devita (503) 757-9493


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