‘Skii Starr’ has created a world so unique she holds the throne and reign as Queen of the Golden State. With so many believer’s near and far she has acquired several nick names in which her follower’s call her Wild Honey, Skiiliscious, Red Cocaine and Queen Bee of the West Coast. Skii Starr is beyond a triple threat with an eclectic fashion sense, that not only brings utter and complete style and finesse to her stage presence but intrigues the audience with her daring and unique style.

Skii Starr uses life stories to relay heart felt messages full of emotion that is shared musically where all people can understand and relate. She is the future of Hip-Hop and marks the induction of a true female artist representing her self and all women of the world.

In 2012, Skii Starr added radio personality to her resume by Co-Hosting on Everybody Radio’s ‘The Mr. Buck Live Show’. She briefly begun her own radio station called ‘Hey World Radio’, and since is now co-hosting on Urban Soul Radio’s 'The Next Level Sports Show'.

Skii Starr’s branding has allowed her to launch her own

high-end clothing line ‘Hollywood Starz Couture’ and intimate apparel called ‘Paid’. Her non-profit organization ‘Don’t Blow Your Own Mind’ contributes to women who battle mental illnesses, inspiring them to never give up on life and seek, Victory!




Connect with Skii Starr via @skiistarr for all social media and by email at skiistarr@gmail.com.

Through Skii Starrs’ company Queen Status Studio, she created an interview platform for independent entertainer’s entitled “HOTT oFF THA BREAST” which is featured right here on SwaggNationMagazine.com.

Articles found below.

Enjoy and remember to "Keep It Hott!!!"


Dane Uno, artist, actor, writer, poet, from the south side of Chicago. He's a vet in the game, while residing in New York the past few years Dane released a slew of singles and performed around the city, he began recording and releasing singles for Junkadelic featuring Kool Keith in 2014 beginning with single Hoodini which appeared on 7" vinyl B side along with AG of DITC & Kool Keith on the A side. Dane Uno whipped a solid mixtape album titled Project Radiation released on Junkadelic Music digitally 2016 a series of artist  Dane Uno featured Dj Phonz The Architect, Kanye, Sharkula, Rob Smoov and JD and more.

Dane Uno

HOTT: Where were you born raised what city do you live in?

DANE UNO: I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. I live in New York.

HOTT: Being from Chicago, you had the opportunity to pursue your dream,

your artistry any where in the world. Why did you choose New York?

Dane Uno: I chose New York because it’s close to home. I have a lot of love for NY as well as California but I felt New York was best in a sense for me to move around and aim for what I wanted to accomplish based on my music style and city similarities. I can blend in and travel like I already know.  I’m a true Hip-Hop head.



HOTT: Define yourself with one word.



HOTT: Who and what do you represent?

DANE UNO: I represent Family TF. Teamfirst.


HOTT: How did your name become apart of you?

DANE UNO: When it came to making business decisions over non-sense, I always ended up moving solo, UNO!



HOTT: How long have you been in the game?

DANE UNO: Forever, lol. I’m back from the future.


HOTT: How did you get your start as an artist?

DANE UNO: Working with Dug Infinite, producer partner of mine at the time from Chicago. NoID.


HOTT: Name of your label?

DANE UNO: Junkadelic Music, Paris France.


HOTT: Name of Management?

DANE UNO: Independently Managed.


HOTT: While the majority of artist, are falling in the same circle of sound.

You have always chosen to go against the grain with your creativity. What’s your view?

DANE UNO: I always try to counter what is going on around me musically,

being where I’m from to where I’ve been and life experiences; creatively I’m

different. I like music that’s not like my style as well because of the uniqueness

of how people write.


HOTT: What inspires you to stay in the game?

DANE UNO: The love of the art.


HOTT: Who is the one person in the music industry you would like to work with?

DANE UNO: A few people but Jay Z would be my person of choice because

he is at the top in my genre.



HOTT: Who are some of the artist you have had the opportunity to work with:

DANE UNO: I’ve made songs with “BadAzz from DPG”, “Baby C” in LA, “Kool Keith” in Hollywood, CA. I also opened for Mary J. Blige in St. Louis, worked with “APlus” from Souls of Mischief, “Never” of Crucial Conflict, “DJ Alamo of Brand Nubians, “PrincePo” of Organized Kunfusion,Dug Infinite is who mentored me at a young age at JayChill Studios in Chicago which influenced my Hip-Hop path without knowing it.


HOTT:You have recently been collaborating with legendary “Kool Keith”. How did that come about?

DANE UNO: I actually had the opportunity of meeting “Kool Keith” in Hollywood, California in 2002. We worked on a few projects before I went back to Chicago. We then ran across each other last year on my birthday in Manhattan. He was like, “Yo, Wassup. I need you in the studio, take my number”. Somebody took our picture and then we was recording, ‘Hoodini’ the next week


HOTT: How was the experience of working with ‘Kool Keith’ in the studio:

DANE UNO: Crazy! I’ve been in the studio with Keith before but for it to all

happen so fast again. It was like we continued were we left off in LA. After

all my hustling in NY. Lol, we did a couple more songs. You can find on the

‘Final Destination Fixtape ‘ on datpiff.com


HOTT: What was the inspiration behind both songs ‘Hoodini’ and ‘Bring Me Down’?

DANE UNO: ‘Hoodini’ was basically a way of saying how people where I’m from might have forgotten about me or like I just disappeared and not going to make it in music. My insight for ‘Kool Keith’ is him showing how emcees in his class might have forgotten his abilities as well. So we used a little magic to reveal our disappearing act. “Hoodini” by ‘Kool Keith ft. Dane Uno is on Vinyl and can be purchased at Fatbeats.com


DANE UNO: ‘Bring Me Down’ is a song driven toward the artist who cant get right, not being creative, growing with the music,  and pushing the art or rather depend on a dollar for motivation for they own self. So, don’t ‘Bring Me Down’ cause I’m Ma keep grind’n!



HOTT: Title of your current album?

DANE UNO: "Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light" Junkadelic Music 2017 by Dane Uno


HOTT: Any Shout-outs?

DANE UNO: My city, my Deejay, Dj Phonz, KingDrive, ILL Reka, Duglnf, TF. Family, Herb Brasco, NeverMore, and Crucial Conflict, LEP,  APlus of Souls of Mischief, my New York Family and everyone I got luv for.


HOTT: To purchase music and for collaborations how can labels, artist contact you?

DANE UNO: www.DaneOne1@gmail.com, or Twitter @therealDane1 I gotchu direct!


HOTT: Final remarks?

DANE UNO: Yes, the grind is hard! Nothing is worth having if it was easy. You appreciate things more and are conscious of your surrounding everywhere you go as an open-minded person. Hip-Hop lives within me and it has affected my life in many ways. Sacrifices for one from the people you love to meeting new people in new places.  You experience as you go can become very valuable in your future life in whatever it is you do!



Much continued success as “The World Is Watching”


It’s official and it’s “HOTT oFF THA BREAST” of Skii Starr



HOTT: Define yourself with one word:

GUAC: Charismatic


HOTT: Who is and what do you represent?

GUAC: I am ‘Guac Boy Beatman Slimmioski’. I reeps OvaUndaBosses, TX Cali, Cali TX, Guac, Guac, Guac


HOTT: How did your name become apart of you?

GUAC: ‘BEATMAN SLIMMIOSKI’ just came to me when, I was in the studio doing what; I do best. I feel GOD blessed me with the name



HOTT:How did you get your start as an producer/artist?

GUAC: It got real when I meet LipBurner of the OvaUndaBosses 5 years ago. I knew it was in me and eventually; I started crashing my own beats.




HOTT:How would you describe your sound?

GUAC:I know my own sound, my voice, GUAC style. It’s different from all artists. Ya Digg!  I stick to the flow of my craft. When it comes to creating beats there is no limit to where I might take the beat. All styles of beats, I love. I’m all about music period.



HOTT: Name of your label?



HOTT:Name of Management?

GUAC: I am my manager, Ya Digg


HOTT:What inspires you to stay in the game?

GUAC:I’ve come a long way! I never thought about music beats or being an artist until one day, I was like; I’m gone do it and with GOD! Look where I’m at now ‘Advancing’ so that’s my motivation. Knowing I can do it all only if I try and trust and keep faith.



HOTT:What do you find conflicting or a dislike with the game?

GUAC: I don’t really care about what goes on in the music game cause I’m trying to bring a change to the music game. Which is bringing real life music back. Ya Digg!


HOTT: What is your most memorable moment of your career?

GUAC: My 1st time performing in front of a crowd. A nice size crowd and how they loved my music; not knowing it was my first time performing.


HOTT:How or where can the world find your music?


 You can just Google me, Beatman Slimmioski



It’s official and ”HOTT oFF THA BREAST” of Skii Starr

HOTT oFF THA BREAST NofacE Shadowmen


Hott: When was your 1st musical encounter?

NofacE: As a child, my room upstairs, had a built-in intercom/stereo system. Music was played to educe sleep. Instead, the music kept me awake and listening until it was almost time to wake up. In that softly lit room, the seeds were planted.


Hott: How many instruments do you play?

NofacE: Just a hand full of main tools needed to record completed works; keys, strings, percussion.

Hott: How did NofacE Shadowmen come to life, from the name to your mysterious fashion sense?

NofacE: My name, was a description of the me, absorb light in honor and attempt of seeking/sharing truth’s illumination in sound. “Funk is the bone!”


Hott: Have you ever allowed a fan to see under your masque? Yes/No Why?

NofacE: NO! Never! I cannot easily allow anyone to dwell within the curtains of my little box, with a tiny circle! Seeing me! What would one do with that which completely counters reason? Frustration and misunderstandings would encroach, placing one right back where one started. Thus, a veil Most-Lasting…


Hott: How does your creative process flow once you have the concept your going to build around your music? Do you start with a musical note or a key phrase?

NofacE: Relaxed in a darkened room, I listen to the music that is mixed in with the room’s air. With eyes, you can hare something! Faint; let it come away from the walls. Let it increase in volume on it’s own! Sometimes, by acting like you don’t really hear “IT” and music, being a show-off, “IT” will swoon and demand your attention. Now, remember IT! Record IT! Share IT “IT”, “The music”, will not visit often if you change it or keep it to yourself!


Hott: What inspires you to continue creating music?

NofacE: I have seen, in my room, masterpieces wafting about! Teasing ans so enticing! So elusive and yet unrecorded…So, I go on!


Hott: What is the name of your current album?

NofacE: Naming works as a collective, has not been my motif, as the entered alone…me, being known by a fraction of a fraction of a fraction, any collection or compilation of my works world brandish my name…


Hott: Where can the world find your music?

NofacE: Honored, thus setting a place at the table of funk, I adjust a chair, allowing the world to rest and partake of that, which is online or, dolled in person…

Hott: How can you be contacted for future bookings?

NofacE: A branch, on which I perch, may be rattled at 619-820-0803 via, The Good Man, Joel Steele.


Hott: What is next for NoFace Shadowmen?

NofacE: More recording! Bigger EXPOSURE! “Love”




Hott: What is the one thing you would like your fans to know about you that you haven’t already shared?

NofacE: Creating something is more important then, eating something! …N*


Hott: Any shout-outs?

NofacE: I thank you great Skii for even being a wonder of what and how are the makings of me, NofacE Shadowmen… Much continued success the “World Is Watching”. It’s official and hot, “HOTT oFF THAT BREAST” of Skii Starr.


Much continued success the “World Is Watching”.

It’s official and hot, “HOTT oFF THAT BREAST” of Skii Starr.


Keep it Hott! Shamey is B.A.D. Hollywood Ric~Hard Events presented Shamey last night as she brought the church to 2nd Street Jazz Café. Hosted by yours truly, Skii Starr. Let’s not allow this mellow chic to fool you. Once those glossy lips entice the microphone it’s like revival. “Different Sides/Same Coin is the title of Shameys’ Mix tape in which she performed Thug Azz Beauty Queen, Magic Carpet Ride, and Closer To My Dreams. Shamey is most certainly that closer to being a breakthrough artist for the world to see. Shamey never cease to amaze the crowd by giving the people what they want, raw talent. She is one female who may make others feel threaten with her broad array of vocals as she flip the switch with her thug-a-licious rap flow that can be felt around the globe.




If, you were not there to experience this West Coast turnt-up event next time. Hold your Debbie up and toast, cheers to the West Coast. “HOTT oFF THA BREAST” of Skii Starr. We got now!


I had the opportunity to interview Shamey prior to her performance. Here is what Shamey wants her nafamily; fans that are more like family to know.


HOTT: Define Shamey with one word:


HOTT: Where were you born, raised, and what city do you live in?

SHAMEY: I was born in Indiana, raised between Texas and New Mexico but

Los Angeles is home.


HOTT: Who is and what do you represent?

SHAMEY: I’m a real laid back fun person, who represents real music for real people.


HOTT: How did your name become apart of you?

SHAMEY: My name is my nickname.



HOTT: How long have you been involved with music?

SHAMEY: I started singing in church when I was 5years old.


HOTT: How did you get your start as an artist?

SHAMEY: In the church and as I matured music was rooted to my soul.


HOTT: Title of your current album/mix tape?

SHAMEY: Different Sides/Same Coin my 1st mix tape.


HOTT: How many albums have you released?

SHAMEY: I released a gospel album when I was 15 years and Different Sides/Same Coin is my 1st

since then.


HOTT: Why?

SHAMEY: I put singing on hold for 12 years to raise my son’s.


HOTT: How or where can the world find Shamey music?

SHAMEY: On my Youtube channel, Shameyz1 and @Shamey on Reverbnation.


HOTT: What is the name of your label?

SHAMEY: I’m currently not on any label. I’m an Independent artist.


HOTT: Are you under Management?

SHAMEY: No, I manage myself

HOTT: What inspires Shamey to stay in the music game?

SHAMEY: I can’t stop doing what I love which is entertaining people. Every time I try to

leave, I come right back


HOTT: What do you find conflicting or a dislike with the music game?

SHAMEY: I dislike the fact that there is not more females being represented, there’s a lot

of females out here that need to be heard.

HOTT: You are more than a female MC who raps, you also sing. How does that

set you apart from other female artist in the game?

SHAMEY: I believe it set’s me apart from other female artist in the game because it gives

me a different dynamic to my music. I bring full creativity

from my verses to my hooks to the adlibs. My music is genuinely who I am

and that’s what makes me different.


HOTT: Any Shout~Outs:

SHAMEY: Yes, shout~out to my parents, my son’s, Lyrik Jonz, Exstravagent Studios,

Real~E~Reel Gang, Ric~Hard, Chipstarr Ent., and to Skii Starr for good looking outs!


HOTT: For collaborations how can labels, artist contact you?

SHAMEY: Contact me at www.shamenika@yahoo.com,

www.twitter.com/shameygotskillz, or



It’s official and hot, HOTT oFF THA BREAST of Skii Starr


HOTT: Where were you born, raised, and where do you live?

CnoEvo: I was born and raised in Inglewood, California.


HOTT: Describe yourself with one word?

CnoEvo: Resilient



HOTT: How did your name become apart of you?

CnoEvo: The name took root when I had a spiritual awakening and I told my best friend; I had to get far away from evil as possible and he suggested I call myself, Cno Evo.


HOTT: When did you recognize you were musically inclined?

CnoEvo: At the age of four, my Mom would make popcorn and I would drum to the beat of the popping popcorn.


HOTT: What was the 1st instrument you played? How many instruments do you play?

CnoEvo:  I started with the drums and then included keyboarding.


HOTT:  How did you start creating beats?

CnoEvo: I had a 4-channel Technics keyboard when I was 12. I would program all of my drums on one channel, and then add bass and keys on the other channels. That was the start of my beat making.


HOTT: Which were you introduced to 1st instruments or beat production?

CnoEvo: Instruments. I started playing drums at Academy Cathedral in Inglewood at the age of 7. From there, I played in various bands, churches, drum lines and school bands.



HOTT: Who are some of the artist you were able to produce beats for?

CnoEvo: B-Legit, Spice1, Jayo Felony, Yukmouth, Melle Mel, Katt Williams, Mack 10, Tray Dee, Eric Bellinger as well as a host of up & coming artist.



HOTT: If, you were not producing music what would you be doing?

CnoEvo: I would be coaching boys youth basketball or mentoring at risk kids.


HOTT: Do you have any albums/mix tapes out?

CnoEvo: No, I play what pays.  My passion and love for the creative process have kept me producing original, sample free music.


HOTT: Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

CnoEvo: I see myself with a song in the top 20 across multiple music genres. Primarily pop, hip-hop, and R&B. I’ll be in a philanthropic position after leaving my mark in the music industry. Leaving behind a legacy for future producers.



HOTT: Who is the one person in the music industry you would like to collaborate with?

CnoEvo: Andre 3000 because he is someone I feel would force me to be the most creative I’ve ever been. He would have me outside the beat box and standing on top of it.


HOTT: Any shout-outs?

CnoEvo: My music & business partner Unpredictable R.E.D from Stre-Eat Fame Entertainment. My guys from the Lou; Zeus Rebel Waters and Pepe Kehm, Big Shan, J-Hop, Wes, Damani Nkosi, Disko Boogie, Rytch Williams, Big City from our production clique The Tailormen, Skii Starr for making this interview possible and all my friends from my hometown I N G L E W O O D.


HOTT: What can we expect from Cno Evo the producer?

CnoEvo: Hopefully a lot of great music. Praying that these projects get off the ground so that my creativity can continue to be heard by the masses.


HOTT: Where can artist and labels contact you for beat production?

CnoEvo: I can be contacted by the following: Facebook: CnoEvo, Instagram: Cno_Muzik, and by Email: cnomuzik@gmail.com




Much continued success as the “World Is Watching”.

It’s official and hot, ‘HOTT off THA BREAST’ of Skii Starr



HOTT: Where were you born, raised, and where do you live?

HITMANE:     I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but I live in Los Angeles


HOTT: Describe yourself with one word:

HITMANE: Courageous


HOTT: What was it like growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

HITMANE: Fast money, fast life. That’s because my Daddy was a real big dog on the block in

Baton Rouge. As a youngster, I got into a lot of fights and earned my “Respect”. Once I realized what my Daddy mean to the streets and everybody found out who son I was; the doors started opening from trill shit.



HOTT: How did your name become a part of you?

HITMANE: By being the man for the hit. Yah’ Heard Me. Living the fast life and getting fast money not worrying about if it came with a price. I started going in and out of jail and had to learn quick how to weasel my way out of it. I’m right back on it. Yah Hit Man!


HOTT: How did you get caught up in the streets?

HIT MANE: Being in the streets and moving around the country with my Mother. We went to Michigan and had to hit the streets to provide. I started getting it but then my Mom left when I was 17. I ended up going to jail for 2 attempted murders. I was able to get the judge to understand my point of view using a little charm and a lot of intelligence. I don’t see it as getting caught up. For me, it’s understood that it’s all about being able to handle any situation that life brought.



HOTT: Even though you are connected to the streets, you always stress being a ‘Soldier for the Lord’. How do you feel this helps you find balance living the life that you live?

HIT MANE: Because if, you’re not scared of nothing but the Lord and you know the only thing you can take with you are your word. Everything else is going to be left behind…the Lord opens every door you need open and block you from anything trying to stop you from doing his will.


Anything I did that seem impossible and I didn’t get caught for; it was the Lord. It will be a devastating feeling for you to been went through hell already living a hard life and get to the gates of heaven and the Lord tell you that he doesn’t know you.



HOTT: How long have you been rapping?

HIT MANE: 5 years


HOTT:  What made you start rapping?

HIT MANE: I went to jail for attempted murder again and I ran into a lot of niggas that wasn’t gone get another chance to live. Even though people was facing time and feeling bad my music made them feel alive again. So, I told myself. If, I’m able to hit the free world again; I’m going to use my gift to the fullest potential for all the niggas that can’t.


HOTT: Out of all the states on the map, you choose to make California your second home. Why Cali?

HIT MANE: The weed, the weather and the realness of the people down here.


HOTT: If, you were not rapping what would you be doing?

HIT MANE: Hustling, welding, and investing my money.





HOTT: How would you describe your style of rapping?

HIT MANE: As the life line because every style of music goes into my raps. I take a lot of the old school and relate it to today’s culture.


HOTT: Where do you vision yourself going as an artist?

HIT MANE: All around the world. I’m learning different languages because I see myself as a business man that can conduct business with all races.


HOTT: Every time you step to the microphone, what is the 1st feeling you have?




HOTT: Do you have any albums/mixtapes out? Name?

HIT MANE: Yeah, I’m Yeah


HOTT: Who are some of the artist/producers who contributed to the mixtape?

HIT MANE: My dude’s Desto and Diesel.


HOTT: What is the name of your label?

HIT MANE: Raw Entertainment


HOTT: What is your management contact info?

HIT MANE: It’s calarrity225@gmail.com



HOTT: Who is out in the music industry you would like to collaborate with? Why?

HIT MANE: Foxx, Boosie, and Kevin Gates because they from the home team and I’ll be making music with the best in my city.


HOTT: Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

HIT MANE: An investor and a chain of hotels all across the country.


HOTT: Any Shout-outs:

HIT MANE: My brother Flash, Big Freedia, Kevin Gates, Desto, and Diesel


HOTT: What can we expect from ‘Hit Man’ the artist?

HIT MANE: You can expect raw talent and me putting on a lot of people.


HOTT: Where can artist and producers reach you for collaborations?

HIT MANE: The can reach me on my Facebook page at datboiweasel or my email at calarrity225@gmail.com



Much continued success as “The World Is Watching”

It’s official and it’s “HOTT Off THA BREAST” of Skii Starr


“Gigi Pink”

Hello Playa’s, who live to play the game, I’m Gigi Pink. I have worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry for several years and am now working in front of the Camera as an Actress and Model. One of my current “Behind the Scenes” (BTS) positions is ‘Show Coordinator’ for the ‘Bishop Don Juan Radio Show’. You can see me in the music video, “Rich as Fuck” by Lil Wayne Feat. 2Chainz. I’m the Swiss mocha chocolate next to 2Chainz...  What sets Gigi Pink above the rest is my inside Beauty & Brains. I’m big on education, charity contributions and living an Organic Lifestyle. I’m a natural born certified Boss, with a team of productive Women whom I work collectively with and manage.



People are attracted to my beauty but are captivated by my radiant spirit, loving heart and loyalty!

Check out my website www.GigiPink.com to see more of my projects and connect with me through social media’s

Instagram: @Gigi_Pink and Twitter: @Ms_Gigi_.



Gigi Pink “Keep It Hott” it’s officially “HOTT oFF THA BREAST” of Skii Starr.



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