Jeron Benito Champagne JR also known as JChampion is an aspiring American rap/ Hip-Hop artist who holds immense passion for music and everything that comes along with it. J Champion was born in a Gainesville, TX prison to a Black American father and a Puerto Rican/Brazilian mother. Growing up,

J Champion had to face a fair share of hardships and struggles in his life which in a manner motivated and inspired him to pursue his passion for music and ultimately led him to tail a career as a Rap artist.

 J Champion always had a mindset of an impeccable artist and was geared up with the remarkable ability to adapt and write captivating and moving songs. This lyrical ability blended up with the experience of his life generated a formidable duo that assisted him in paving his own way to success.

J Champion's greatest influences include rap artists such as Kurrupt, Jay- Z, and DMX, whose work lured him into writing songs and introduced him to the lyricist side of him.

The brand Menace League is the latest endeavor of

 J Champion which he formulated with the single objective in mind to educate guide, motivate, and inspire the masses. J Champion believes music is the ultimate medium of expression and an artist could reach out to millions of people around the world through just one song.

J Champion is not only in the pursuit of success but he dreams that his story could act as the blueprint for other aspiring artist to follow. J Champion is currently on the lookout for opportunities to expand his brand and business to a greater extent and he believes his street knowledge and swagger, and lyrical ability could help him in transforming his dreams and ambitions to a reality.


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