Jae5ive who is a native of Watts CA, born July 21, at the age of  20 yrs old tearing the streets up with his epic sound, he comes from a very close supportive family who enjoys listening to his music.Jae5ive wants the world to know how down to earth he really is, he loves all kinds of sports during his free time , he likes to play football and basketball when he is not not making music , he also mentioned that he has an ear for the piano as much as he loves it he can't play which is okay and a pass just knowing that, that is  his favorite instrument the piano is a bonus, Many reasons he mentioned that his  favorite color is pink and yellow  to help support cancer patients which I find very unique and acceptable, Jae5ive favorite dish is enchiladas,and his dream vacation is to go Hawaii so world as you can see there are kings from the streets of the ghetto who wakes up and fulfill their dreams I mean begin from somewhere shouldn't be the character of your skills it's what you can do with talent to be a idle ,and me personally knows he can and has changed a lot of young men lives who is just from the neck of woods as  he is  from. let's take time to appreciate our young men using their time wisely to express their feelings through music because somebody out there maybe even  you needs a little lift and Jae5ive is the guy I see miracles and blessings coming his way and he not stopping till he reached his goal.

I Princess Of NewvHood present to you Jae5ive.


SwaggNation:Where are you from?


Jae5ive:Watts, California (Jordan Downs Area) born and raised here.



SwaggNation:How did you come up with your name and what does it stand for?


Jae5ive:I got the Jae part from my first name because  my first name is Justin I spelled it Jae instead of Jay because my sister just always use to spell it that way so I ran with it because it's different the number 5 always been my favorite number I spelled it 5ive because my sister always spelled it that way, her name Imani shout out to her she works at Loco's a new restaurant that opened in Watts .


SwaggNation:Tell your fans what does GMB stand for and who are some of the artists under GMB?


Jae5ive:GMB stands for Gettin' Money Boyz / The artist as of now that's under GMB are : Jae5ive, Gcoops, Drizzy, GMB Clem & Appies.



SwaggNation:What inspired you to do morning thoughts?


Jae5ive:I was inspired to write Morning Thoughts based on Lil Herb song Peace of Mind it just made me want to tell the world my story and what's going on in my city I wrote the song at 4am I was crying while writing the whole song.

SwaggNation:Who have you worked with in the past such as artists, producers and who would you like to work with in the future and why?


Jae5ive:Spiffie Luciano, Whokidwoody, RonRontheproducer, Young Ace, CoccPistolCree, YC Creez, And RobTwo. I'm not really into working with a lot of people because people act like they cool with you but once you leave the studio they sneak diss .


Jae5ive:Artist I will like to work with? To be honest just Kevin Gates not really into the networking I can see me making music with Future, Drake, Meek Mill, Rihanna,  & Nicki it will be lovely if I can get on a song with The Game tho & I'm willing to work with any producers .



SwaggNation:Jae5ive what are some of your future projects you working on and when can we suspected to drop?


Jae5ive:As of now I'm working on my mixtape I still haven't came up with a name for it but you can expect it to drop sometime around March and Apri lst .



SwaggNation:Who are some of your favorite artists?


Jae5ive:Myself, my brother (Gcoop ) and Kevin Gates .


SwaggNation:What are some of the biggest venues you have performed at and how did it make you feel to be in front  of people performing your music?


Jae5ive:I haven't performed at any big venues yet but I'm sure once I do I will turn the crowd up my biggest fear is getting kicked off the stage and the people not liking my music I performed at a few clubs and it made me feel great just can't wait until the whole club rapping my music .



SwaggNation:Being from Watts, CA Jordan Downs were people say your lucky to see 18 how do you survive all the temptations of the fast money lifestyle an gang violence around you?


Jae5ive:I was living all of that me being shot well grazed by a bullet  stopped me from doing a lot of stuff if you listen to my new song " Whoever Thought" I kinda tell half the story I was a bad kid growing out being kicked out of Markham Middle School ended up going to Drew Middle School I graduated from Drew went to Jordan High School got kicked out went to Morningside High School got kicked out went to HillCrest Continuation school got myself together and they sent me back to Morningside that's where I got my diploma at. The people around me still living that way as we speak .


Click to view the mixtape

SwaggNation:Where do you see yourself in the next five years in this music industry?


Jae5ive:At the age of 25 I see myself touring state to state country to country the whole world will know my name by then .



SwaggNation:If you had the opportunity to change anything in your life and do it all over what would it be and why?


Jae5ive:I wouldn't change nothing at all God created this path for me and I'm just following his path everything I went through made me who I am today .


Thanks Jae5ive and remember always  Swagg Easy!



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