SwaggNation: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Jayarah: God willing my career will be in over drive all of my late night early mornings my blood sweat and tears will be accounted for and my movement in this industry will be noticed I"m going to be a mogul 10 in years.

SwaggNation: How do you want the world to think/react  to the lyrics you spit ?

Jayarah: I know people are going to relate because everyone has a story to tell but my lyrics is my truth

SwaggNation: If you had one rapper you compared yourself to  who would it be and why?

Jayarah: its hard to pick one because a lot of the artist I listen to paved the way and gave me the motivation to continue my grind so I wouldn't say I compare myself, but I definitely relate to pretty much everyone .



SwaggNation: As of right now today what do you think about the rap game ? How I feel right now today would make a lot of people feel a way because I feel the rap game is suffering .

Jayarah: Since you've been an artist did rapping push you in a direction you didn't wanna go? It definitely pulled me in a positive direction because if it wasn't for my music I may have been heading for destruction. So I would say it didn't push me in a direction I didn't wanna go. It pushed me in the direction I needed to go .

SwaggNation: If you can give advice to all unsigned artist?

Jayarah: I would definitely tell them don't ever let anybody tell you can't do it whether you wanna be a signed artist or an independent artist take control of your destiny your dream don't ever let the industry they nay sayers and haters control your dream and tell you to change who you are stay true to yourself and if they can't accept that keep it moving until the right opportunity is presented.



SwaggNation: If you can describe how hungry you are for this rap game in one word what would it be? Jayarah: Starving!

SwaggNation: How do you feel about SwaggNation Magazine as a movement for all unsigned talent?

Jayarah: I feel great about it  feel this magazine is opening doors for artist like myself to stay true to are craft and letting us be able to express who we are and all unsigned artist are being put on display for the world to see that even without being signed we still have a voice when it comes to the industry taking us serious as artist, this magazine is going to be a very great stepping stone for other great opportunities.





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