Her Story

Born in Ottawa, Canada, JENNA Nation was introduced to music at an early age through her musical family. She began her career with extensive training and success with classical music/opera and jazz.


While studying at the highly respected Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Vocal Performance Degree, JENNA began focusing on R&B/Pop.

Photos Provided By Jenna Nation.

Since she began singing, JENNA Nation has performed for the Prime Minister of Canada and as part of the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill and at the Official JUNO’s After Party in Calgary. In addition, JENNA has appeared at several famed festivals including RBC Bluesfest, the Newport Folk Festival, Boston Outside of the Box Festival and the Toronto, Ottawa, and Beaches International Jazz Festivals just to name a few.


Other highlights include performing at the world’s largest urban music festival New Skool Rules in Holland where she was selected as Best Artist. JENNA Nation has also been a finalist for several international songwriting competitions.

JENNA Nation boasts a soulful and even jazzy vibe to her music. Long-time influences include Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland and Stevie Wonder - a notable name with whom she aspires to collaborate. JENNA Nation has worked with a number of Grammy and JUNO-nominated producers and songwriters including Boi-1da, Tommy Brown, Victoria Monet, Travis Sayles, Kinetics and One Love, Ryan "Ghost" Bowser, Elev3n, Druski, and Young Wolf Hatchlings among others.


JENNA has over 200,000 views on YouTube and is regularly charting in the Top Ten on the Worldwide Indie Charts and top 5 on several UK radio charts. Her album is currently playing on 600+ stations worldwide

Photos Provided By Jenna Nation.

Considered by many as an outstanding vocalist with a charismatic stage presence ("stunning voice and melodic sound"..Music Connection), JENNA Nation has already hit some significant milestones in her career. Her fourth album, "You Don’t Know" received numerous accolades including being named Canada's Best R&B Album of 2017 and #9 overall, and one of the Top 10 Best Records of the Year. Singles and videos released from this album have been in the Top 10 and Top 40 Indie Radio Charts internationally for well over six months now and her latest single "Killer Love" jumped to #1 in its first week of release on VGR Radio in the UK and at #6 and #4 on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 and Top 40 Charts.


SwaggNation: Where are you from?


Jenna:  I am originally from Ottawa, Canada but I now live in Toronto and have been here for the past 4 years.



SwaggNation: How long have you been performing?


Jenna: I have been performing ever since I can remember. I used to sing all the time with my mom and sister. I used to put on shows for my family and friends as a young child. Music was always a big part of my household and childhood but I have been performing and singing professionally for the past 18 years.


Photos Provided By Jenna Nation.

SwaggNation: Do you have a performance memory where you said to yourself "JENNA you did that! Good job girl!"


Jenna: There have definitely been quite a few memorable performances like that for me, including performing for the Prime Minister of Canada, performing on Parliament Hill for the Canada Day celebrations, playing at some major international music festivals, and well known venues as well as some TV appearances. My most recent one would be performing on the main stage at the RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa opening for Shawn Mendes. I used to attend the festival as a teen and always dreamed about performing on a stage like that and so to actually have that dream come true was such an amazing feeling. The stage was huge, the sound and everything was so incredible and the crowd was great.


Photos Provided By Jenna Nation.

SwaggNation: How many cover songs have you done and which is your favourite?


Jenna: I have done a lot of cover songs. I have been performing for many years and have been involved in many different bands and I perform at many different venues. Over the years I have learned a lot of music and in all different genres. In terms of recorded cover song videos on YouTube I have 17 available to view and I have many more to come! It's hard to just pick one that is my favourite but I would say that right now it would be my cover of "Boo'd Up" by Ella Mai.


SwaggNation: Who are you signed with and how is the industry treating you?


Jenna: I am currently unsigned. I have been an independent artist for most of my career. This is industry is very tough but I love what I do. The biggest thing is that you have to believe in yourself and be willing to work hard and make some sacrifices. I saw this quote that I really believe is true about this industry in particular and that is "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". So, even if you are talented you still have to work your butt off.


SwaggNation: Since You Have Been working on your craft has it  pulled you away or pushed you in a direction that you didn't want to go in or towards a direction that shows you promise and fortune?


Jenna: I have had both happen to me. I have had moments where I have worked with people in the past who wanted to push me in a direction that they thought I should go in and it didn't feel right to me. I did consider doing what they thought I should because I thought it might get me to where I wanted to be a little bit faster, but then that idea quickly faded because I knew I wouldn't be happy doing something that didn't feel like me and feel true to myself.


Photos Provided By Jenna Nation.

SwaggNation: If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned / Independent Artists What Would It Be?


Jenna: I would say 3 things... Number one, believe in yourself and your craft. Number two, work hard, be patient and don't give up. You can't give up in this industry. It will definitely test you and be tough at times and you may feel like you want to throw in the towel but if you really want it you have to keep going. And finally, be true to who you are. Take time to figure that out and what would make you the happiest. Don't let anyone tell you who you should be, how you should dress, what kind of music you should do. Always stay true to who you are because at the end of the day you have to live with it and people can tell when you are genuine.


SwaggNation: How Do You Feel About SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE as A Movement For The Independents?


Jenna: I think Swagg Nation Magazine first of all has a great name :) but I think it is a great way to provide a platform for independent artists to be seen and heard and to tell their story. It's also a great way to build community among independent artists and to help each other out by providing their stories and information on the industry. It's not an easy business so we have to support each other.


SwaggNation: Any last word?


Jenna: You can find me online @jennagnation on IG, Twitter and Facebook and on my website at www.JENNAnation.com and all of my upcoming shows are listed there. All of my music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Google Play etc.



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