His Story

Born and raised in the Bronx, Ny (original birth place of hip hop) JJ. Jones currently resides in the state of North Carolina where the Hip Hop scene is currently thriving and flourishing. His mother and father both entertainers themselves with long running careers in the music business have inspired, influenced, and supported JJ in his artistic endeavors.

From very early on JJ displayed gifts of God given star quality and talents. JJ began dancing proffessionally on stages at a very young age with a local dance company in the Bronx, NY (TEENS IN MOTION). The very first time he touched a stage he knew the stage was his home and he'd later go on to do something within the entertainment field.

Following in the footsteps of his mother La Vonna "LA" Jones an R&B artist signed to the universal roster and his father Christopher "SABU" Jones original memeber of "THE COSMIC FORCE" offered a deal with "TOMMY BOY RECORDS". JJ at the ripe age of 14 helped co write a love song titled ""The Key" a single on his moms first E.P. It was then he had fallen head over heels for a pen and pad the rest is Lyrical history.

JJ (formerly known as 110) began taking music seriously in early 2010 joining forces with his blood related siblings brother (LamboJones) and younger sister(ThemaryyJaneee) the three would form CBMG(Cment Boot Music Group) and debute singles "Quater party"/ "Just wanna Fly". with no intent on slowing down the group released the K.I.M.S.A.M. E.P. in 2012, followed by "THE PRELUDE"in 2014, then a single block off the never relaesed "30/50" album. Their latest released project "(IN)Different" the mixtape dropped in 2017. Their last project gained the group plenty of notariety with the Mixtapes single "NO DOZE" reaching over a million plays,views, and ratings organically. which of course brought about several performace opportunities.

"CBMG" has opened for OBIE TRICE on the "cheers to the hangover" tour,Performed live on a KANDY PENS sponsored stage for #sxsw17 where they opened for "LIL PUMP", most recently  CBMG were featured artist on the "COREY GUNZ " "GET MONEY STOP HATING" tour. While they've accomplished many accolades in the business this is just mentioning a few.

JJ (oldest of the sibling trio)while still very much a part of the Group which is still in the studio working, growing and perfecting it's sound has developed a unique sound all his own.


JJ plans to wow the world with the release of his eclectic solo E.P. (name and date to be announced) however, leaning towards an early winter release in 2019. JJ has a very deep , smokey & soultry voice so much so  "SABU" dubbed him the "MISTRO of HIP HOP" things are looking up for JJ as he has a line up of current and future musical endeavors ahead of him both grouped and solo. keep an eye out for this rising star and hip hop prodigy as he shoots his way to the top.

Swagg: Hello JJ Tell Us Where are you from?


JJ: I was born and raised in the Bronx,Ny In Throggs Neck Projects also known as "the 40".



Swagg: Okay. You have good stage precence. How long have you been performing?


JJ: I've been on stage performing as long as I can remember but Rapping in showcases since late 2009 early 2010.



Swagg: How did you get your name?


JJ: My First name is Jamal my parents last name is Jones so ppl call me JJ I'm all about my family and it's legacy so I always emphasize Jj "JONES"...that way ppl kno I'm a Jones it just means they can't keep up.


Swagg: As you perform what's your vibe how do you want the audience to react to your performances?


JJ: I want people to connect to the music and vibe, react to the music/performance however it makes them feel music translates differently for different people.

Swagg: Do you write your own lyrics?


JJ: Lol, All day everyday. I honestly didn't know that was a thing until recently (rappers not writing try they own shit).All my Bars come from my brain to my Pen and pad Period.


Swagg:As A Side note to that. What do you think about the industry today?


JJ: I think the industry today lacks an equal playing field, originality, that unapologetic uniqueness, and substance the game lacks all of those things but those are all things that can be given new life.


Swagg: You've definitely been working and honing your craft has it ever pulled you away from or pushed you into a direction that you didn't want to go?


JJ: I've honestly been lucky enough to have such a dope support system behind me to encourage me to stay true to me and that's always kept me focused and on the right path in terms of my direction. So No.


Swagg: If you can give some advice to all unsigned/independent artists what would it be?


JJ: Never quit, remain True to yourself but never be afraid to advance and evolve.


Swagg: If you could describe How hungry you are for the Rap game in one word what would It be?





Swagg: How do you feel about SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE as a movement for independents?


JJ: I feel like the movement is a blessing not many platforms support Independent artists and SwaggNation gives independent artists a platform to

shine and that's Golden.


Swagg: Any last words?


JJ: Be on the look out for My solo project... name and date to be released at a later date. Follow the spitter on Twitter: @da_realjjjones Instagram: @da_realjjjones Facebook: JJJONES shout out to #cmentboot.


Most important shout out to SwaggNationMagazine.com for the opportunity salute!




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