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My name is Kadillak Kaz. I am a recording artist originally from Santa Ana, California. I have been doing music professionally since the age of 15. I came into the music business under my cousin who goes by the name of Corey "4D" Simon. He was really responsible for taking me off the streets and putting me into the studio and showing me how to do various things such as write a verse, count my bars, record, and many other things needed to be successful in this business.
 I have a deal with Empire Distribution that I have had for the last 10 years. I came into this business on an independent level and always wanted to maintain that position because I never wanted to be a sharecropper. I have released six albums with the latest being "Logic Over Love." My work ethic was not the problem, it was my involvement and the street life still. 
Many people say that I should have already blown up but the main reason why I haven't is because I have been stuck in the system. However, I also knew that I would not be in overnight celebrity. There has been a lot of work that has been put into my brand as well as my craft and I feel that this will be a contributing factor into my success in the near future. Baby don't know that my long-term goal is to help the youth. I am using my music as a platform to be able to reach the youth that are in the same situations that have sent me back and forth to prison.
There has been a lot of hate that has come with this journey to achieving my dreams. I used to look for the support from my hometown but I see too many people trying to do the same thing that I have been doing and for some strange reason that makes them insecure it makes them want to hate on me. However, I pay these things no mind anymore. They are not important. The main thing is to keep recording and making good music and eventually the world will recognize my gift.
I think what SwaggNation Magazine is unique and dope because it provides a platform to artist as well as local artists to gain more awareness to what they're doing. I appreciate the support and love that has been extended to me. There are not a lot of magazines out anymore that put emphasis on the artist personal life so I appreciate this platform to the fullest.

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