SNM: We appreciate you taking out the time to sit down and do this interview with us. So what you been up to?


(Mac Dom): Man i appreciate y’all taking out the time and choosing Mac Dom to be the one you wanted to interview. But i just been out here Grindin bro. Getting it how i live, being a father to my son, been in the studio everyday and just been making shit happen.


SNM: How did you come up with the name Mac Dom?


(Mac Dom): My mama been calling me Dom since i first touched down and once I M.astered the A.rt of C.ommunication I put the milk wit the cookies and started eating.


SNM : What sound would you say best describes your style?


(Mac Dom): I mean most people would probably say I’m a gangster rapper because I’m a gang member, because I’ve been incarcerated, because I’ve sold drugs, because I've participated in pimpin and I rap about it in my music but if you really listen to my music then you’d know that's not all I rap about. So I don’t put myself into any specific category, I just like to make good music in any style, I mean you could throw me a country beat and I’ll make it out to be a certified slapper.




SNM: Mac Dom when did you realize you wanted to become a Rapper?


(Mac Dom): I mean since I was a kid I’ve always told myself I wanted to be a rapper. You know I’d write lil' raps and freestyle with my homies, but with the life I was living I was never at a point in life  where I could professionally pursue it. But once my life had took a turn for the better I remember I was at my pad one day just coastin wit my RMG Gambit and we was just talking bout life and the lives we had lived and the life we wanted to live and I said I had a story to tell and becoming a rapper was how that was gonna happen. So we turned my garage into our studio and made it happen.



SNM: The last mixtape you released was titled “10 years Later” what made you choose that title?


(Mac Dom): August 3, 2004 at the age of 15 I was arrested and charged with strong armed robbery and kidnapping. I was sent to Y.A. and released a month before my 18th birthday. After that it was just a repetitive cycle. I was doing and selling drugs while at the same time making other bad choices which led to multiple parole violations and 16 months in the state penitentiary. My son was born on March 29,2009 and at the time I was on the run but after a couple months I realized I wanted a better life for him so I turned myself in, I did my violation, I got out and I started grindin. On August 3,2014 I was being a father to my son, I had my own house and after pursuing my music career for not even a year I had already opened up for Nipsey Hussle twice, Sage the Gemini , IAMSU, Layzie Bone, DJ QUIK and more. I had performed in front of 3,000 people, I had my own tour and I just felt like 10 Years Later was just the perfect titled to show the progression I had made in the last 10 years.






SNM: If you can choose any artist past or future to work with who would  it be and why?


(Mac Dom) : Nipsey Hussle and the reasons for that being is because 1.) I have so much respect for his grind, his artistry and who he is as a person. And 2.) anybody that knows me knows that Nipsey is my favorite living rapper


(SwaggNation) : So what can the world expect from Mac Dom in 2017 and the years to come?


(Mac Dom) : Be on the look out for my mixtape “ Grind 2 Go Get It” dropping in a couple months, between February and March. Mando be on the look out for Respect My Grind the album , which is gonna be a movement. Expect for Mac Dom to stay a fly guy fitted in that Respect My Grind clothing(store coming soon). Expect for Mac Dom to excel in this rap game, in life and in every business venture I choose to pursue. expect Mac Dom to keep Grindin. Other than that bro just stay tuned. I have some great things coming up in 2017.


SNM: We’d like to thank you for your time. Do you have any last words for SwaggNation or your fans?


(Mac Dom) : Much love to SwaggNation Magazine for reaching out to me. I wanna thank everybody for the support and for steady roccin wit me and to anybody that doubts theyself Never let nobody tell you what you can or can’t do. I’ve always been told I'd be a nobody in life but I went from fighting for my life to the Cover of a Magazine. Don’t knock my hustle, Respect My Grind  its Mac Dom RMG and I’m out.




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