Ernest "T" Watkins (Born June 21, 1988) better known as MajorLeeg, is known for his "UnTamed" , "Paramount" energy on every song! Even though he is catergorized as a Hip Hop Artist, MajorLeeg brings a unique sound and style to the world of music.



"I want the world to know when I'm Present, but most importantly miss me when I'm gone!" - MajorLeeg.

Starting at an early age of 10 freestyling and rapping over Master P's "Mr Ice Cream Man," MaojoLeeg developed a talent early for Lyrics and Music Making. Inspired by Artist such as Master P, DMX, and 2Chainz, MajorLeeg is taking his sound to another level every song.


SNM: What's Good MajorLeeg? Let the World know where you are from.


MajorLeeg: Decatur, AL.



SNM: How'd you come up with your name?


MajorLeeg: I feel as if MajorLeeg best describes my sound and who i am



SNM: How long have you been performing?


MajorLeeg: Been performing going on 10 years.




SNM: When you are on stage or shooting your videos. How Do Want The World To Think / React To The Your performance?


MajorLeeg: Positive and feel motivation and to do positive.

There more I would rap or play my music for ppl they would say u sound like you already made it. As if i belonged already.


SNM: Do you write your own lyrics?


MajorLeeg: Yes I do.



SNM: As Of Right Now Today What Do You Think About The Industry?


MajorLeeg: I don't like the industry right now.



SNM: Since You Have Been working on your craft has it  pulled you away or push you in a direction that you didn't want to go?


MajorLeeg: The experience has pulled me closer to the right morals.





SNM: If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned / Independent Artist What Would It Be?


MajorLeeg: Stay independent. Practice, practice, practice. Work, work, work. Stay consistent.

SNM: If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are For This Rap game In one Word what Would It Be?


MajorLeeg: Aggressively!



SNM: How Do You Feel About SwaggNation Magazine as A Movement For The Independents?


MajorLeeg: I love the movement!  Helping artist who have a real passion is what its all about. I love it!



SNM: Any last words for your supporters?


To always be hungry, persistent, and never complacent.





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