Mark G Fairgrounds a.k.a. Mr. Fairgroundz an upcoming independent artist /CEO with a new label G.W.A.P grindn wit a purpose and some hunger. A talented young artists making his own way into the music industry. Mark G resides out of Indianapolis, Indiana a city where it's hard to make it. Mark G has about 5 albums all platforms about 7 mixtapes and over 10 music videos still music hustling to represent the 317. Mark G is pumping out music back to back to back like his favorite artist Gucci Man. Mark G represents the Midwest follow him on Facebook Mark Fairgroundz and Twitter and Instagram Mark Fairgroundz a very talented but slept on artist.
Swagg: Mr. Fairgroundz. How ya doing fam? Tell Us where you from? Mark G: I'm doing alright I can't complain at all. I'm from the 317 Indianapolis better known as Naptown from the East Side my hood right Behind The Fairground (BTF).
Swagg: I see. Where do we get the name Mark G? Mark G: I got my name from my home boyz cuz I was a go getter coming up in da hood Mark G. (G.) for go getter. Swagg: It's been sometime since last we sat down....How has life changed....How's the music? Mark G: Nothing really changed man but I have my own studio now, so I'm engineering myself and artists as well. A lot of my music is being distributed by Distro Kid now.
Swagg: So you rent out your studio or is it just for personal use? Mark G: Personal use but I also make money with it engineering others. Swagg: Are you independent as a record label as well? Mark G: Yes no backing just all me.
Swagg: Do you have other artist on the label? Mark G: Just my nephew right now just the two of us. Swagg: I see family all in. Mark G: Hell yeah fam. Swagg: Any upcoming Projects you would like to spotlight? Mark G: Artwork on it ain't ready yet but I'm workin on my MarkG Meyers 2 Halloween project. I dropped one last Halloween. I'm going to drop one each Halloween.
Swagg: Okay what do we have right now that we need to know about? Mark G: My last project is my from the heart project it's one of my best very real music on that project Swagg: Tell us about the "From My Heart" release. Do you have a favorite track from the project? Mark G: I personally like every track bro and the producers were dope.
Swagg: Would you like to shout out a few of the producers? Mark G: Yeah my boy Legendary Trakz my favorite producer. Swagg: How do you feel about SwaggNation as a platform for independent artist? Mark G: I feel like swag nation is puttn independents on given us a platform for r talent is pretty dope and I appreciate ya'll fr.
Swagg: Where can we find Mark G on the world wide web? Mark G: U can go to Mark Fairgroundz on all social media youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram. Swagg: Any last words? Mark G: Last words will b I'm grinding hard to put dat spotlight on our city's music scene.


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