His Story

Maserati Shellz , from North Orange County, I say that because growing up I lived all over Northern Orange County from Santa Ana to Anaheim. But mostly Anaheim, the Westside to be exact. To be honest I've been rapping, my first rap name was SDB which were my initials, that was like 98. Then it was like at school for fun parties etc. After a few jail stints in the early 2000's in 2006 I recreated myself as just Shellz.

I began doing mixtapes with D.knox of Calibread Music and a group called DOA(Da Orange County A`lliance). Right before the mixtapes release I was incarcerated in the State Penitentiary. At that point while being incarcerated my annie who raised me, and my dad passed away. That was 2008 and when I changed my name to Maserati Shellz. I was reinstated to society and begin working on my mixtape 'Shellzville' with D.knox but at this point I had started producing my own beats.

D. Knox and I had a disagreement and we went our separate ways and I created Maserati Music Group in 2008. I became an artist and producer plus CEO. of my own record label. At this point I started recording some of todays Orange County rappers before they were relatively known. I was doing 4 to 5 shows a month from San Diego to LA. Around June 2009 my grind paid off i had a meeting with a Alantic Record A&R who saw our show and wanted to hear our latest street release. Which lead to us getting a placement on the Soundtrack of 'Wire Tap' the Freeway Rick documentary.

While in talks with Atlantic Records I made a bad decision and caught an attempted murder charge in August of 2009 I was facing life in prison. After being in jail for 2 years through a 995 motion I was able to get the premeditated and deliberate enhancement off of my attempted murder charge which meant I was no longer fighting a life case. So after that I ended up taking a plea bargain deal for 8 years in the State Penitentiary.

Upon my reinstatement to society on April 24, 2017. I hit the ground running I dropped a series of mixtapes on all digital platforms and I began performing. Then I created my new label 8182 Entertainment which stands for the year me and my brother were born. All praises due to Allah because without him I wouldn't be here, being able to do what I love to do and reach so many people. Big thank you to SwaggNation Magazine because for y'all to reach out and bless me with this is Gods plan. Because as an artist I have always wanted to be apart of something like this so big shout out.

Shellz tell the people where are you from?


Most people don't know that originally I'm from east side San Antonio,  Texas. I grew up in the East Terrence Projects,  I lived with my Annie Beverly my mama lived in Cali. So at 13 my mama sent for me and I moved to Anaheim, ca summer of 1995.



How long have you been performing?


Honestly I've been performing since I was 16, mostly because I was a battle rapper I didn't know how to write my raps,  like i didn't know how to format a song I'd write paragraphs of just run on sentences. But once I went to jail I learn how to write my raps by reading lyrics niggas would have of popular music out I seem how 16 bars were written and rhymed so I started to write. Learning to perform actually was a different story it was hard to keep up with flow of the song and engage with the crowd, mic passing, etc.


Shellz when you are  performing, be it stage or video. How do want your fan base to react?


I've always been a different type of nigga , God blessed me with a unique personality so anybody who meets me sees it,  so people naturally gravitate towards me. But my performance I really love looking people in they eye and rapping so I can touch they soul, and bring them into my world. We all have pain and alot of our pain is shared. So I love to help people thru they own personal struggle. God told me years ago that my life isn't mines to keep I was made for the world. So every time I perform I perform like it's my last day on earth,  cause will call me home to heaven where I was created.


Do you write your own lyrics?


This question is serious because I tell any nigga who rap if you can't write your own raps you ain't serious about music. You just a nigga tryna be like niggas on tv. This shit ain't no hobby, ain't no part time with this shit I live this shit nigga. Without music I'd be dead or in prison for life so I write every word that comes outta my mouth.



As Of Right Now Today What Do You Think About The Industry?


I love the industry, it's letting niggas get bags now every body eats , it's more creativity, emotions,  niggas are being more open. Like I suffer from depression because of shit I've been through and people I've hurt.  The industry now I can be open about it, and not be looked at as a weak nigga. There are people out there now who can empathize with me and be like he's been through what I've been through or going through now. The industry is helping young Afrikaans become wealthy and give back.



Since You Have Been working on your craft has it  pulled you away or push you in a direction that you didn't want to go?


Honestly working on my craft has been a rollercoaster because 10 years ago I'd in the studio with all gang members, ratchets, drugs, alcohol just thuggin making music that reflected the life that I chose to live, cause to me it was about being a real nigga who was that nigga. So I felt the more niggas around the more the perception would be that of the mob. But that lead to alot of problems on so many levels, especially at shows. Nowadays I'm by my self humble and hungry but very respectful.



If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned / Independent Artist What Would It Be?


To all the young artist out there its so much i want to tell them but ill say what matters the most. Which is hard work beats talent. Which is maintain a good work ethic no matter what grind harder, smarter. Also remember this industry is 90% business 10%talent. Know your business royalties,  publishing, etc. Know contracts marketing and advertising always ask questions.



If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are For This Rap game In one Word what Would It Be?






How Do You Feel About SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE as A Movement For The Independents?


SwaggNation Magazine  is a new wave of culture, music,models and swagg. Me personally since I been home I've noticed its been boomin I'm blessed to be able to participate in this interview for a numerous of reasons, but the main reason is they've supported me from day one relentlessly and I'm a person thats big on loyalty so shout out SwaggNation Magazine.



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