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Canadian artist Leo Vance  "Alright"

"Alright" is produced by renowned Music Producer J Caspersen. The story behind this track delves into the artistic mind of Leo Vance as he describes how hard-work and dedication truly pays off. His vision was to lay out a tight sound that speaks directly to his fans, who have come to know the artist and trust where he takes them.

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DJPB started his career as a dj in 1999 in his home city, Compton. He is a member of a dj crew based out of Los Angeles called 2 Turnt Dj’s. DJPB is recognized in his city for playing at major clubs and Djing at special events for the City of Compton and also big events like Low Rider Magazine. His local fame has led to many sponsorships including (Authentic Clothing, New Hood Clothing, Compton Life Clothing and 3H Beauty.




Does a rapper need to make a truly great album before he's considered one of the best alive? It's a question with no objective answer. Some rappers are phenomenal with verses and punchlines but have no knack for hooks or song structure. Some can do all of those things but lack personality. Some never get the production budget they deserve; many do and just have the worst ear for beats. Some fail to capitalize on their buzz, and others are completely incapable of making themselves relevant.


And yet, none of that explains why PAYSO BEST EVER has been able to consistently makes some of the most visceral and intellectually potent hip-hop in the past YEARS and  half without having a true classic. PAYSO BEST EVER latest CD SUPREME is a BANGER if you like real hip-hop PAYSO displays real bars you can enjoy throughout the CD songs such as "Bruce Lee" a classic. I  love this song how he mix the clips of Bruce Lee quotes through out the song saying how his bars are like Bruce Lee the greatest fighter of all times GENIUS!!!

 Don't even get me started on "Post At The Store"! Wow where do I start PAYSO took what we see everytime we go to the local store and killed it! His bars are ATTENTION grabers once you hear a little you must hear more and when you think it's over and he hits you with "BOX OF CHICKEN" life is like a box of chicken who thinks of thing's like that and make it a banger!! Payso stands by his name PAYSO BEST EVER!!!!

If you haven't grabbed  a copy of SUPREME you are missing out on pure Entertainment.


5 out of 5

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