Nasha Bee

Nasha Bee is an experienced well versed talented Performing Artist. The primary focus of her thriving career is her passion to soar to heights at many levels. Nasha is proud of the established roles and performances she has obtained through hard work and dedication at so many levels. The accomplishments of this industry has lead Nasha Bee's career through the acting, billboards, music industry, publications, and advertisements of many talented levels. Nasha Bee enjoys working with such dedicated talent.


photo by: @que_umages
photo by: @Minglo

The soaring of her wings to new heights is continuing at so many levels. No canvas is blank with her embarking on the path of her passion as a performing artist and model.Nasha Bee has expanded her performances on modeling to in some great lens of the industry. Each capture gave her more courage and growth to continue on and not overlook any avenue to enrich her talent. Nasha Bee is working to increase her coverage, publications, and work in all area's of the market to advance


Hello World my name is Nasha Bee and I've been in the industry for sevens years as an entertainer (modeling, dancing and acting). Born March 10, in Culver City California.

I entered the industry known as Nasha Bee. I've been modeling dancing and acting for years; but a couple years I got my big break. I've been featured in runway shows, music videos, movies, commercials and more. Ive been a guest star on a radio show to give my output on the business, to help other's to follow their dream's. I've worked with designers from all of the world.


"Dancing been my heart since a little girl. Got more into my modeling when i was 15 16 and acting was just apart of me." ....Nasha

I'm very outgoing, fun, loving and humble for my blessings. Working with others and meeting new people has always been wonderful in this field.

I push the envelope no matter what comes my way. I appreciate all my fans and supporters who have been a great deal of help.

This is the beginning to my journey and if you have any questions or concern visit my site at, or email me directly at


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