NG Black BORN in CONGO (D.R.C.) October 2, 1984 in Kinshasa Live in Paris, France Started Rapping in 2008. Hip Hop touched his soul when he was 10 years old. it became his life passion.

He Left Congo on 2003 to Angola a country near of Congo. There he started to practice after many years to listening to rap music he was in the group ( Bwe Hustler ) That means “More Hustlers” The underground group was infamous in the ghetto in Central Africa. The members where not getting along and he decided to go his own way and start his own crew.

That’s how team (Black-Furious) was born. Black Furious was composed of 2 rappers Galiver B a.k.a. Hustler and B.C.M. in 2008 NG dropped a mixtape with Black Furious as it’s leader

The mixtape title (First Lesson) sold 300 CD the First day on the streets. After that they recorded more tracks. did more street promo and Black Furious participated to several concerts and show case. NG Left Angola to France.......




So what's next for NG Black after his move to France?


More from and NG Black on the way....

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