Nicholas. A. Stevenson born (August 15, 1989), known professionally as Nickademius, is an American rapper, songwriter, and artist born in Selma Al. As a child Nickademius was a little different a little shyer and quiter than the other kids around him. He often found himself picked on a lot, as a release he sat by himself listening to music, all genres but mainly hip hop. He remembers listing to almost every artist every song he liked, and just rehearsing them over and over. Memorizing lyrics, styles, beat patterns, and stage performance.
Around the age of 11 he decided to start writing and record when his mama bought a old computer with no internet and nothing on it but a recording program. He began to channel all his feelings into his writings, just for fun. His mom passes away (September 7,2011) as well as his sister exactly a year later (September 7,2012) by that time Nickademius has married and moved to Montgomery AL.
SwaggNation: Tell us a little bit about yourself where are you from? Nickademius: I’m Nicholas Stevenson known as Nickademius. I was born and raised in Selma Al raised by a single mother with 3 other siblings. I would work a lot to help out around the house. I was pretty quiet and to myself so music was all I did besides drawing. Being an artist is all ever wanted to be. After I started writing I really feel in love and knew I was meant to be an artist. SwaggNation: How long have you been performing? Nickademius: I’ve been performing for 5 years, started in 2014. Been writing since I was 11. SwaggNation: How Do Want The World To Think / React To The Your performance? Nickademius: I want the world loves my music and my performances just as I love doing them. I hope they feel everything that I’m saying. I want them to think about how talented I am after I perform.
SwaggNation: Do you write your own lyrics? Nickademius: Yes, I write all my lyrics SwaggNation: As Of Right Now Today What Do You Think About The Industry? Nickademius: I think the industry is progressing and changing everyday. More and more artist are coming out and sharing the art. Finding another way out and just doing something positive with themselves I think it’s awesome.
SwaggNation: Since You Have Been working on your craft has it pulled you away or push you in a direction that you didn't want to go? Nickademius: No. I make music on how I’m feeling or going through at the time. I try to focus on making the music how I want saying what I want, over trying to make specific songs. SwaggNation: If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned / Independent Artist What Would It Be? Nickademius: Honestly just keep going and keep believing. Push yourself too do more and more.
SwaggNation: If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are For This Rap game In one Word what Would It Be? Nickademius: “Fasting” hungry lol. SwaggNation: How Do You Feel About SWAGGNATION MAGAZINE as A Movement For The Independents? Nickademius: I think what you are doing is great, giving artist like myself a voice and opportunities. It’s awesome.
SwaggNation: Any last words? Nickademius: Yea, make sure you check me out on YouTube like comment and subscribe as well as all other social media Nickademius.


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