Stacy Adams
Stacy Adams
Stacy Adams

Payso Best Ever the self proclaimed "best music artist alive" is a music artist from a small city (Erie P.A) who took matters in his own hands. His motto is simply "No Job No Drugs No Government" what makes him unique is not just the fact that he is a talented artist but he embraces the manual grind and uses the assistance of 100% his own music to survive state to state and promoting his name and music by being a excellent salesman and grinder.

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What's been good bother?

So, for everyone that don't know. Where are you from?





So Let's just get it out the way. Why is it Payso Best Ever?


"Payso in a twist of the currency name Peso and best ever in a factor of how I approach all obsticals it's a extreme form of confidence"



Ok. Now tell us what's your long term goal as far as career moves?


"To be successful in multiple genres of music"



How about live shows, where can we pull up and see Payso working?


"Usually my shows range mostly in the south I do shows anywhere but hit my fb Payso Best Ever for updates and also type "Payso Life" in a youtube search to see me in over 10 states live.



You ever thought about youtube or going live?


"I go live when it's necessary too many people use social media to entertain to me it's a way of life main reason I post pics of fans who buy my music if I go live it's serious because I barely do it.




What's your motivation man! How do you keep that focus you have?


By putting the responsibilities of everyday life on my music i use discomfort to create comfort it gives me a more determined push if me eating depended on music i use those events to stay hungry.



What's the next level for you? Is it ultimately signing with Drake?


Good question my lawyer is in talks with OVO for a full deal instead of a single deal Oliver (Drakes Manager) got wind of my music through a person who visited Erie P.A which is very close to Canada and gave him a copy to listen and they were impressed then a check for my online presence which showed a good situation got Oliver to contact me via Instagram to talk business I hope it goes well I plan to work hard if it goes through.



Well we wish you the best of the best. You want to give a few passing words to the Nation?


Take control over your career and life. In whatever you do with only one chance to live, your Swagg is your confidence. Keep it up and be motivated in yourself we only live once. Make it a life were you do what you love and never give up on your dreams and goals.




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