Payso Best Ever the self proclaimed "best music artist alive." Is a music artist from a small city (Erie P.A) who took matters into his own hands. His motto is simply "No Job, No Drugs, No Government". What makes him unique is not just the fact that he is a talented artist, but he embraces the manual grind and uses the assistance of 100% his own music to survive state to state. Promoting his name and music by being an excellent salesman and grinder.




Payso Best Ever has flooded 12 states and 8 cities with his music and has earned the opportunities given to him. He goes at it Sunday to Sunday his music has also done well online with over 100 mixtapes on, 2 albums Music GOD 1 and 2 which both are doing well with streaming and sales.

Payso has opened for mainstream acts such as Jim Jones, Kool Keith, Talib Kweli, Dipset and many more. He has hit the studio with mainstream artist such as Gillie Da Kid and many more. All of the opportunities were through people seeing his grind. He sales up to 120 cds hand to hand a day Sunday to Sunday with barely any sleep and through the hard work his name is spreading with talent and grind. He has become an unstoppable force and I'm sure he has much more to offer.




SNM: Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?


PAYSO: I see myself with successful albums in many different genres of music and being a inspiration yo the world based on my manual way of getting my music to the ppl no job no drugs no government just hard work and God.

SNM: How Do You Want The World To Think/ React To The Lyrics You Spit?


PAYSO: I want the person who has nothing but a dream and plan to execute not just in music but life in general my music is a motivational tool for risk takers.

SNM: If You Had 1 Rapper To Compare Yourself To Who do Would It Be And Why?


PAYSO: I say Eminem due to the fact the odds were against him not just based on color but far as the guts to take it all the way without the assistance of drugs and etc. Just pure talent.

SNM: As Of Rite Now Today What Do You Think About The Rap Game?


PAYSO: The rap game today is based on more business  then talent so many artist wanna reach the stars with no shuttle.  No talent beats hard work if talent don't work hard.

SNM: Since You Been An Artist Has Rapping pulled you away or push you in a direction that didn't want to go?


PAYSO: My music is my income i use no job no drugs and no assistance and it works because the direction it gave me was responsibility with music being my only source of income.

SNM: If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned

Artist What Would It Be?


PAYSO: Put value in your work and don't follow the trend be the trend take control over your vision separate yourself from the normal and make what you love your full way of living.

SNM: If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are For

This Rap game In 1Word what Would It Be?


PAYSO: Greedy

SNM: How Do You Feel About as a movement for all unsigned talent?


PAYSO:  will give a hardworking artist a chance to put his talent and words out to the ppl on a professional marketing platform i am a full supporter of


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