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Photos by James Kemp

Rock Hard PDX closing it's doors!

A little bit ago my friend Darren Linder talked about the emotion of Ash Street closing. Another great live music venue. I remember thinking all the hard work my team and I put in, I can't imagine. Now here I am faced with the same emotion. How could we ever get the same quality sound, the great and friendly security that is so tough to find, friendly service and that stage. All elements the best of the best. As the night went on I said, that stage is amazing but we can find another. Those laser lights really add the energy that I have come to demand in our shows like the heated seats in my car. The food is unbelievable, that will be difficult to find again. In the end it was the people that I found I was looking forward to seeing.

My team, who have been with me for many events and I can always expect their best. The Rock Hard team putting in the same level of excellence. How could you not love them?

Thank you for hosting First Look.

The show must go on! Too many great bands, too much will behind this music community. I picture all the bands we work with helping each other up from these two kicks to the face and saying 'My turn' I say PDX you are not ready for the amount of emotion I and team are about to unleash on our city we love to rock. I find a deeper desire than just a great show now. A fight to show my city that all over the world Portland is known as the LIVE city and we must not take it for granted anymore.Why is Portland the LIVE city? Our bands are on stage mastering mic control and stage presence instead of in the studio looking for that hook. Personality off stage and sharing stories of why This Song is important to them and how they were feeling at the time. That connection with the audience is what you can't find on an MP3.

Our new home. The Analog Theater! Thank you for hosting First Look

 #2018 is ours,


Portland Metro Records




Grammy Award Winner and 2017 Grammy Award nominee for  his work mixing on Jay-Z's 4:44 Album.

Portland Metro Records sits down for an exclusive interview with Jimmy " The Senator" Douglass.

Intro and interview by Shane Ramsay of Portland Metro Records


"The Senator" Jimmy Douglass on the road to the Grammy's. Grammy winning engineer + producer.

Who has worked with artist including Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and I will stop there, your portfolio of artists is too amazing.  As a fan I love how you share in your wins with your friends and family. I felt the excitement when you worked with Pharrell Williams and I remember going to work inspired to chase my dreams. It is contagious. From the records success and the attention from the Grammy's, hard work always pays off. Now you are enjoying the success of the Jay-Z album 4:44. Congrats Jimmy, well earned and well done! Let's talk about it.





Wake Up!


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Shane: Going to the big show, do you try and stay with the celebration of all you hard work and enjoy the evening or is it more a networking event?


Jimmy: A bit of both, to see people I know, and to unwind and enjoy the evening of celebration.



Shane: What would be the best advice you could give a passionate young producer just starting out?


Jimmy: Believe in you and what you do, admire the game and use it as a guide as to the rules of the road, but don't get caught up in the hype. Do what you do, and do it for yourself first and foremost because you enjoy it. everything else will follow when you are comfortable with who you are and where you are in the game.



Albums Mixed by Jimmy

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Shane: Do you try and keep a 9-5 regular schedule? And yes I do mean a 9pm- 5am.


Jimmy: Keeping a regular schedule is tough to do and stay on top of the competition. This is a 24/7 365 days a year job, if you're not in it like that, the machine will find somebody else who is .. sometimes it's more about how fast can you do it, than how well can you do it .



Shane: You are well known for adding your sound to a record. Is there a structure or Industry standard you have with the tracks you work on?


Jimmy: This is the mystery of mysteries to me. I add whatever I do, totally by ear and not by standard,(whatever that would be ) when it feels good for me , I pass it on to the listener.





LoveStoned/I Think She Knows



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Shane: What is your advice for young producers giving away production for free?


Jimmy: With the modern state of the art, it's not a big deal to make stuff (beats ) and I assume you mean beat makers, not record arranging top line song producers. Beats are cheap easily a dime a dozens, sometimes, that free giveaway could be your key to being put on.. it's just a beat , make another one.. you can't hold on and sell all those beats you've got, unless you get that hit, then the rules and the advice changes.



Shane: When artists work with you, how do you know when to give your opinion?


Jimmy: Experience and instinct..


Albums Engineered by Jimmy

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Shane: How do you prepare for a session?


Jimmy: It depends on the session, and my involvement in it. mixing , I have my assistants prep the session, then I go to work.



Shane: What do you do when the energy is not there or you can hear you are not capturing the emotion you know the artist wants on the record?


Jimmy: When it's not there, I go away from it and do something else, and try another time when I might have the needed Ideas and fresh energy to bring it home.



Shane: Do you ever reflect and just say WOW! ?


Jimmy: On occasion when you really nail it good, sometimes I sit back in awe and enjoy and silently do the wow, pretty good work.




Sexy Back


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Shane: If you had to guess, how many songs have you worked on?


Jimmy: More than 444, less than a million



Shane: How would you describe your sound?


Jimmy: I would describe my sound, as round warm , yet clear , and overall just cohesive.




I can not thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me.

A thousand thank you's,


Portland Metro Records




Photos by James Kemp Photography


Going to a Bar Pilots show is like a trip back to a time when rock ruled the airwaves and you just couldn't wait for your favorite band's next album release. Not over-produced, not angst-ridden, just pure sonic joy. Music played for audiences sharing in unified rock revelry. Meeting friends at a bar with a live band was a destination point, not an afterthought.

When FM radio wasn't over-programmed into irrelevance. This is genuine rock 'n roll from the heart.




Our songs recall the magic of rock in the '70s and '80s, the swagger of a band and the faith of the fans. There's a distinction in our approach: the Pacific NW's fierce musical tribalism in a diametric path wtth rock and roll's royal roots firmly planted in the southeastern states.

 It's muscular and a little rough around the edges. It's high-energy and attitude, where good times and bad decisions win the day.

 Message the Bar Pilots facebook.com/thebarpilots

Photos provide by Hideous Monster


Hideous Monster is a horror rock band formed in early 2017 in Portland, Oregon. The band is heavily influenced by horror movies and this is reflected in many of the song titles and lyrics. Sounds like The Misfits, The Cramps, meets Type O Negative. They recently have played shows with The Shack Shakers, Pretty Boy Floyd, & Prophets of Addiction. Their next show will be December 7th with Michael Graves of the Misfits.

Michael Spitzer-Singer

Mystery Mike-Singer From the depths of blackest night and the place where nightmares reside comes a thing most foul to haunt you.  A creature, a demon, a devil, a killer…a hideous monster from outside of time and space.

George Devita-Guitar

G.D. Fangs-Guitar  From Transylvania comes the creature of the night. looking for fresh victims to bite.  He can be found sleeping in his coffin by day and playing guitar by night.

Jack Ensign-Drums

Jack T. Ripper-Drums  Somewhere from the shadows deep within the night never see it coming always out of sight. Hack you up, slice you up, movin’ in for the kill. Shreddin’ the drums for a thrill, hack , cut, slice…blood will spill!

Mickey Rivera-Bass

Micky Manslaughter-   Manslaughter has clawed his way out of the crypt to bring you dark tones from the abyss and beyond. Keep hands and feet away because this hideous monster bites….and eats. We are not responsible for any torn limbs during the show as a result of Micky Manslaughter’s hunger for flesh. Approach at your own risk.

First Look with Hideous Monster, October 04 2017, at Rock Hard PDX Bar and Grill , Portland Oregon.

Photos by James Kemp Photography

Contact Hideous Monster :
Social Media www.hideousmonsterofficial.com https://www.facebook.com/hideousmonsteroffical/ https://www.reverbnation.com/hideousmonster Booking & Inquiries hideousmonsterofficial@gmail.com or call George Devita (503) 757-9493

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If you would like your Music featured please provide a radio edited version of your song

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Photos provide by OTHRYS

Othrys, a melodic heavy metal band from Oregon. With

passion, pride and determination. We knew from the start that

this project was special. Formed in 2010 by long time

collaborators Sebastian Phoenix and James Weaver. With Ian

Hamilton joining the band in 2013, and Luke Martyn solidifying

the lineup in 2016. We were now ready for anything including our

debut album in the works and a newly released single named

Retrograde. New music being constantly written , we look forward

to what the future holds for our formative project.



The vocalist of Othrys, I pursued vocals at a young age, after playing guitar recognizing my passion for and about music. Heavily influenced by Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Nothingface, Mudvayne, Gojira, Meshuggah and DevilDriver. I has achieved a lifelong goal of playing within a band of close friends and creative minds. Our shared passion has spawned a band I am nothing but proud of, Othrys. Previous bands include and not limited to Our Own Blood, Dark Cloud 9,and  Kingdom Under Fire.



I have always been a lover of music from an early age, started playing acoustic and electric guitar at the age of 16, active in bands since 2000, influenced by more bands then I can name but I’ll try, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Decapitated, Gojira, Opeth, the list goes on lol. I am humbled to play with such amazingly talented musicians and great friends I get to call family! Previous bands include but are not limited to, Our Own Blood (05-10), Othrys (10-Present), The Suppression (12-13), and At the Seams (15-16).



Masterbasser with 20+ years experience. My early influences include FNM, Tool, Metallica, SOAD, Mudvayne. I was an avid music fan at an early age, I owned my first album at 7.  Billy Joel- An Innocent Man yo!  I was inspired to pick up the bass when I discovered Cliff Burton and the bass solo Anesthesia.  I’ve been actively playing in bands since 2001.  Sunday Straightjacket (bass & backup vox) 2001-2005, Face of Order (bass & backup vox) 2006- 2010, Strange Dichotomy 2009-2014 (bass & backup/lead vox) and Applaud the Villain (bass & lead vox) 2011-2013.  I actually saw these guys (Othrys) a couple times a years before I joined the band.  I was very impressed, despite the lackluster bass. ;)  I’m super stoked to be a part of this now.


 My previous bands include but are not limited to, Endless Rage, The Suppression, and Othrys. Joining Othrys in 2013 and drumming along with them has been one adventure for sure.




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