Born in New Orleans, Louisiana PREACH aka REV was born into not only an abusive childhood but violence in the streets of Louisiana. He retreated into a world of music of every genre from orchestra to hip hop and everything in between. As he got older he'd find himself extremely depressed, violent and very much suicidal. He turned his back on humans and found companionship through his dog's. This made his connection with artist's like DMX and Chamillionaire intriguing.

 Although his first book was published in the 8th grade. He found the form of music "Freestyling" would allow him to release his emotions in ways writing horror books never could. Soon he'd find a friend who recorded music and after the loss of his dog he decided to write his first song " they wont PREACH" which got the attention of the general public thus began his accumulation of a fan base that to this day would support him

 He decided to take music up full time and was welcomed into the group "A Class Swagg" ( Solo Don G and JT Smallz) which for the next 15 years would grow with this new family and develop his style as PREACH. The group would soon be noticed by Sony records as well as Def Jam records. During which time PREACH would work on his third album "The Split" introducing the new style of REV the alter ego. Studying his idol Tech N9ne REV would be a force to be reckoned with. As his fan base would grow exponentially but so would the criticism.

 He saw a passion in being lyrical and fast simultaneously and spent years pushing himself and his abilities to rap faster and clearly. Soon other artist would see him as a role model and teacher of this craft. PREACH has managed artists', booked shows for Major artists, he's Co hosted radio shows. Today he's pushing himself and both of his persona's gaining a loyal fan base and perfecting both of his styles


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