Punch Entertainment (PunchEnt.) is a high energy entertainment entity that specializes in just that, entertainment, multi-media and branding. Punch Entertainment was established in 2009 by artist/producer, Yogi, after a battle between his management and the mainstream record company he was in negotiations with over his contracts, publishing, and royalties. After

a long and tiresome battle and being an entrepreneur, Yogi started anew and developed his own independent company that catered to and facilitated the needs of the artists and the public that they entertain.


Dealing in the entertainment business, Punch Entertainment covers every aspect under the entertainment umbrella. From film, video, and music production, recording, mixing and mastering, to the stage, we facilitate your needs. Doing production for radio show drops such as Clipper Darrell’s Dash Radio Show “The Fan Truth” or Grammy award-winning Neyo’s website NeyosUniverse, Punch Entertainment can assist with any type of project while staying



With single digital releases in all major online stores ( iTunes, rhapsody etc..) from Punch Ent.  Artist Yogi “So Excited”, female rap artist Dani C. “1st Class” and Goth-pop-Rock band A Bleeding Sky “Dying To Live”, the eclectic music is guaranteed to touch everyone on some level or another. Rounding the roster off with hard hitting rappers such as Thrill Starr, hip hop lyricist

TG aka Tommy Gunz. The melodic sound of Hyphe, or the unorthodox styles of

Jasper Wormwood, Punch Ent. gives you what you want and more.

Reconstructing PunchEnt.’s mission and corporate status in early 2017, the company now also has dealings in film, multi-media, branding and clothing. With the limitless opportunities in today's world, Punch Entertainment is looking forward to a long lasting relationship with the world of entertainment.


SwaggNation:  Why'd you start Punch Ent. And what motivates you today to keep it going?


Punch:  After going through a long battle between my management at the time, and a major label over my publishing and writers, I wanted to do my music with a company that felt like family and also, give other artists a home that wasn't out to beat them but to build with them!!!And the more I see how the industry is going, you need more companies like that to give that solid quality work and longevity. That's what keeps me motivated and keeps me going.



SwaggNation:  How do you choose your artist is there a certain something that you look for?


Punch: Originality, I want somebody who's doing their own thing, their own style, their own sound and I want someone who is willing to put in the work to to get to success.


SwaggNation: How many artist are on the label?


Punch: PunchEntertainment  It's Not A Label It's A Movement, so we do everything under  the entertainment umbrella. Im a musician as well so a total of six. You have myself (Yogi), First Lady DaniC, ThrillStarr, TG a.k.a. TommyGuns JasperWormwood and Hyphee however we are always looking for new talented acts. And not just rappers but producers, singers, actors, models, dancers, etc...



SwaggNation: If you had to describe each artist with one word what word would you use for each?


Punch: Dani C.- Lioness / ThrillStarr - Gangsta /

TG - Lyrical / Hyphee - Energetic /

JasperWormwood - Unorthodox / Yogi-Yog - Great.



SwaggNation: What projects do you have coming in the future?


Punch: Each artist has their own individual mixtape that they're working on and everyone else is in the camp are involved in each other's projects also. We also have a few shows that we're shooting that we're shopping. The website is under construction and coming very soon. You will be able to get all Punch Entertainment merchandise, apparel and all Punch Entertainment services on the site once it's up and running. Just focusing on building The Brand.



SwaggNation: How can people of interest reach you and PunchEnt.?



Search: PunchEnt   everything.




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