Remidee is a Mississippi artist and boss lady who was born and raised on the east side of Greenville, MS. After becoming a mother, she began to think about how much she wanted to own a business, write a book and explore her creativity.

 In 2016 she became interested in the music business and life in the industry and studied every aspect she could. This sparked her creative energy and she began writing music. Since then Remidee has released a 4 track EP called "Applying Pressure" and a single entitled "Power Moves" that demonstrate her creativity and skill as an emcee. She has recently released her first album entitled "Blunt Talk" that speaks to the hearts and minds of women everywhere while attracting the attention of male fans with her bold and confident delivery of real life content.

SNM: Remidee tell us where you from?


Remidee: Greenville, Ms



SNM: How long have you been performing?


Remidee: I have been an artist for 1 year now and I've done 8 performances throughout the last seven months.



SNM: .How do you want the world to think/react to your performance?


Remidee: I'd like people to vibe with me. To listen to what I'm spittng and be able to relate to experiences that we all are faced with at some point or time in our lives.



SNM: Do you write your own music!


Remidee: Of course!



SNM: .As of right now, today what do yu think of the industry?


Remidee: There's plenty of people that make music, but only a few willing to allow the industry to mold them into what THEY want them to be. It's not about REAL music anymore.. Majority of the artist that's in the industry sound just about the same...there's no soul in R&B anymore.... Nothings the same. Of course change comes with time, but music went from making a positive change to more of  negative.



SNM: .Since you have been working on your craft, has it pulled you away or pushed you in a direction that you didn't want to go?


Remidee: No it hasn't. The more I create music and perform, It gives me confidence as an artist because I can see, feel my progress... And the more I'm confident, the better I get.




SNM: If you can give some advice to all unsigned/independent artist  what would it be?


Remidee: Stay consistent! Always invest in yourself. No matter how popular yu may become, never forget where yu come from. Always appreciate any support you're given.



SNM: If you could describe how hungry you are for this rap game in one word, what would it be?


Remidee: I wouldn't use the term "hungry". I didn't wake up one day and say I'm gona start rapping. Becoming a rapper wasn't in my plans. This gift came unexpectedly just a year ago. Once I recorded my first project "Applying Pressure" I then became dedicated ,and was anxious to put out more music seeing that people was actually vibing with me! And now that I'm in a position to bring real Hip Hop back, that in itself is an honor because of my love for music. Of course I'm aiming for success, but having a passion for it separates a true music artist from a music entertainer. Yeah, getting paid to perform is great, but that joyful feeling yu get when you hear your fans spitting your lyrics or looking out in the audience seeing heads bobbing, bodies rocking as yu perform, that feeling is priceless! Whether I make it to the top or not, having the opportunity to release music that was created from my heart, my personal experiences, the feeling can not be described using one word!



SNM: How do you feel about Swaggnation Magazine as a movement for the Independents?


Remidee: It's a great movement! Giving Independent artists the chance to be known throughout cities and states!




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