Ricc Rocc tell SwaggNation something about yourself were you come from and some of your ups and downs.

I'm from Compton Ca. RICHARD MAGDALENO AKA... RICC ROCC two CC'z It just varies on that as long as I can stay out of trouble that's a up and a big plus from the mission I'm on to make it to the top.


How was life before the music?

Life was life me and my mom mostly. My Pops had a life sentence in prison when I was born.



As Of Right Now Today What Do You Think About the Rap Game....

It's a new error new sound but it's not the same its whack now it's only a few new artists that got what it takes and a few old school artists that's holding it down

Since You Been an Artist Has Rapping pulled you away or pushes you in a direction that didn't want to go....

It has its ups and downs But what' is life if u don't hit Rock bottom and bounce back each time.




If You Can Give Some Advice To All Unsigned Artist What Would It Be....

Stay on your grind go hard or go home

If You Can Describe How Hungry You Are for This Rap game in 1Word what Would It be....



Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years....?

I see me still at it up to something new with a lot accomplished and enjoying life.

How do you want the world to think/ react to the Lyrics You Spit....?

I want the world to Rock with me Thru my journey, lady's react like dam he handsome lol, and just know I'm coming with something new every time not sure what to expect.

If You Had 1 Rapper to Compare Yourself to who would it be and why? ....

I wouldn’t say I had one. I grab bits and pieces from each one. That's as an artist but as Richard I'd say Tupac lol.


How Do You Feel About SWAGG NATION MAGAZINE as A Movement For All Unsigned Talent....?

SwaggNation Magazine  is like The Source Magazine  but for  unsinged artist it gives unsinged artists exposure also Bobby stay on his grind with the company he's at all the events shows I feel it's a good movement and I Rock wit it.



That's right well thanks for your time and letting SwaggNation Magazine into your life always remember SWAGGEASY!


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