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Photos by James Kemp

Rock Hard PDX closing it's doors!

A little bit ago my friend Darren Linder talked about the emotion of Ash Street closing. Another great live music venue. I remember thinking all the hard work my team and I put in, I can't imagine. Now here I am faced with the same emotion. How could we ever get the same quality sound, the great and friendly security that is so tough to find, friendly service and that stage. All elements the best of the best. As the night went on I said, that stage is amazing but we can find another. Those laser lights really add the energy that I have come to demand in our shows like the heated seats in my car. The food is unbelievable, that will be difficult to find again. In the end it was the people that I found I was looking forward to seeing.

My team, who have been with me for many events and I can always expect their best. The Rock Hard team putting in the same level of excellence. How could you not love them?

Thank you for hosting First Look.

The show must go on! Too many great bands, too much will behind this music community. I picture all the bands we work with helping each other up from these two kicks to the face and saying 'My turn' I say PDX you are not ready for the amount of emotion I and team are about to unleash on our city we love to rock. I find a deeper desire than just a great show now. A fight to show my city that all over the world Portland is known as the LIVE city and we must not take it for granted anymore.Why is Portland the LIVE city? Our bands are on stage mastering mic control and stage presence instead of in the studio looking for that hook. Personality off stage and sharing stories of why This Song is important to them and how they were feeling at the time. That connection with the audience is what you can't find on an MP3.

Our new home. The Analog Theater! Thank you for hosting First Look

 #2018 is ours,


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