New York

Swagg: Welcome back Darnell. How are things going with the Brand and your life.

Darnell: We back at it again; it’s starting to feel like home. I appreciate that..


Swagg: You are welcomed to stop by anytime.

Darnell: Well I guess you guys have been wondering what I’ve been up too and what I’ve been working on since we last talked.  I've been all types of busy with the Brand as usual trying to take it to the next level. Trying to do some product placement with some local boutiques around the Los Angeles area this year & working on different marketing tools, and maybe even opening up my first boutique/ store front.....Lord willing.


Darnell: I’ve also been in my bag creatively with some of my designs I’ve dropped so far. Make sure y’all check out the social media handles to S.E.A "What's New". I made them very limited to add some excitement to the pieces & the Brand as a whole. I was only able to create a couple pieces due to a new exciting news... So I wanted to close out the Fall/Winter Collection with some fire and make sure I keep everybody's eyes on the lookout for the Spring/Summer Stuff..


Swagg: How about that news?


Darnell: Oh Yea The. ‼️‼️New Exciting NEWS‼️‼️


Swagg: Yes please share.

Darnell: I’m  transitioning into Fatherhood.. yea that’s right I’m becoming a Daddy to a beautiful little girl... by the time you guys read this she may already be here.. 😬... It’s the most hectic, scariest, most nerve recking But Most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my entire life.. Like I stated in the last interview this Move From NY to LA was already unorthodox so you can imagine the roller coaster ride I’ve been on.. But thanks to the most high it’s been coming together slowly but surely and then for this to happen was like that first big drop on the roller coaster; But just like the Coaster It’s mad Fun yo..


Darnell: This will help me in so many ways.. I’m looking forward to it. Sometimes I just sit and think about all the inspiration, all the loving spirit, and new things that will come with and from my daughter.. As I try to be a great provider for Her.. She will be my biggest inspiration as she already is. She ain’t even here yet. So I can just imagine. I’m Cheesing now just thinking about it.Just breathing so much new life into not only my life but my Clothing Line As Well. But stay tuned.


Swagg: That's great news! Congratulations! We wish you guys the best. Any last words?

Darnell: Why Say it; When You Can S.E.A it”... But then again it’s All About Perspective...


New York
Darnell Hubbard S.E.A Self Explanatory Apparel


I am Darnell Hubbard and Im a Aspiring StreetWear Designer From Buffalo,NY who started His Own Clothing Line S.E.A Self Explanatory Apparel ReLaunched 2 years ago....And Since Then It's been Growing Rapidly....I've also Conducted Three..pop up shops in which all three sold out....Two in my Home Town of Buffalo,NY & Brooklyn,NY....In my quest of becoming a household name in the fashion industry I took a Leap Out on Faith And Moved across the Country to Los Angeles,CA where I in fact had a third pop up shop ant the response was Breath taking....I was Recently Hand Picked to Be a Vendor at one of the Biggest Street Wear Fashion Expos in Los Angeles,CA....Mean while just yesterday I received an email stating that after further review we think it would be In Their best interest to have me Extend my Display....But in doing so I Would Need All Of Your Help....Every Penny counts....It's a Team effort If I Win We all Win....I don't want or can't do it alone....

Tell Us What is Self Explanatory Apparel and how was it started?

I initially started the brand in 2009-10 but came to a halt in 2012....To improve my structure, approach, message and designs; In addition to preparing for my unorthodox move to Los Angeles in 2013.

Being from New York, how have you used your city's influence to help design your clothes?

 I used my detailed knowledge, Influences, and life experiences in New York to help shape the Brand....And then once I actually landed in LA that helped bring the Uniqueness to the Designs because even though Los Angeles is completely different there are still a lot of similarities....I found a unique way to bring the difference & similarities as one and Be relatable to all..

How has your move to LA helped your brand awareness?

 Los Angeles Definitely helped my brand awareness because even though S.E.A Self Explanatory Apparel has its strong NY roots the Designs still contain substance that's relatable to most....No different then some of Top Lyricist such as Jay-Z, PAC, Biggie, J.Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle & Fabolous just to name a few....

They all Tell Their Stories A Different way but there still is that common denominator The Struggle & Making Out of those Struggles & Hardships that take place in the inter city & Around the World..

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

In 10 Years I see my business becoming a household name & inspiring not only my city/state where I'm from but around the world....Not even Just with my Brand but just my story alone moving 3,000 miles away from home literally with no money just a dollar & a dream....But some how pulling together to go all out and reach my dream and goals....I also want to employee young creative people like myself who never really was given that chance but still in all not afraid to take a chance..

Darnell Hubbard S.E.A Self Explanatory Apparel


How can someone get in touch with your brand (Social Media)?




 FaceBook: S.E.A Self Explanatory Apparel

     Text: 716-217-5745 Email:

     To Order: Follow the Instagram Scroll through Inbox Pic

be sure to Include Size & Email and an Invoice will be sent....different color ways upon Request



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