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Stupid Bars was born Darice Chrisean Holley on April 22nd in Ashtabula, Ohio. He moved to California 1990 living in Compton, long beach, Los Angeles, and finally landing in Orange County. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. He is the oldest of 9. He bounced through schools due to him and his family bouncing around. He moved back and forth between Ohio and California until he was 16.
Then he started taking music seriously. He had his trials and tribulations like everyone else does but music is his way of venting and letting it go. He dropped out of school, turned to the streets for some time and finally smartened up and let the streets go. Stupid Bars moved to Texas for a couple years to get his life together.
S.T.U.P.I.D. (Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand) and a freshly dropped EP Produced by Maserati Shellz called "Taurus". He has came along way and will be going a lot further.
Tell SwaggNation something about yourself and where you come from? Stupid Bars: I am from Ashtabula, Ohio. Born April 22nd. I moved to Cali in 1990. I lived in Compton, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Inglewood, and multiple cities in orange county. I did most of my growing, maturing, and gaining knowledge in both states. I moved back and forth until the age of 16 which is when i finally landed and stayed in California. Music has always been apart of my life due to my mother singing, father singing, uncles producing and rapping, cousin producing and engineering. I have came across a lot of artist and teamed up with artist to create some good music. Being kicked out, homeless, running and roaming the streets hustling making ends meet gave me so much to write about. Living in a foster home was a experience I wont ever forget. Being around and watching friends come and go to jail is also another journey that wasn't expected but opened my eyes to life. Now I am part of 8182 Entertainment as a solo artist where I will tell my story and journey to how i became the person i am today.
What does your name stand for and how did you come by that name? Stupid Bars: Stupid Bars means S.mart T.alented U.nique P.erson I.n D.emand with Bars. My name originally was Stack Bread due to me being in the streets and stacking money however i could. One day i was in a close friends (Poe) clothes shop and people were freestyling as i sat there and he told them that none of them could out rap me so they shot their shot until I got up and spit in the cypher. When done he said "That's my lil nigga Stupid Bars" and from that moment on u kept that name.
How long have you been doing music and what does it mean to you? Stupid Bars: I have been writing and freestyling since 5th grade. I started rapping on tape recorders in my room. Day in and day out. Wanting to be like those i saw on tv and family members who were doing it. But as i grew and came into my own, by going through things i went thru music became a diary for me. A way of venting and being heard. Something to just listen and not give feedback. Now it is the same but i also want people who feel as i feel or people who feel like they dont have a voice to know that they aren't alone. And i will continue being that light or voice for them.
Who are some of your favorite artists and why and what inspires you to keep doing music? Stupid Bars: Some of my favorite artist are: Tupac because he always kept it real. He stood for his people, uplifted, cared for women, and was straight forward. J. Cole because i feel he is one of those artist that has content that relates to myself. He also speaks on things that help me within myself. Eminem because he always did him whether it was liked or not. He is lyrical and very open as i am. Nas because i love his content. All of them inspire me as do all the people who support me. Everything i go thru motivates me to keep going and push through. All the dark nights i had and have motivate and inspire me to continue. All the backstabbing and troubles i had motivate and inspire me to keep going. Family and friends inspire and motivate me to keep going.
Who are some of the artist you have worked with and who would you like to work with in the future? Stupid Bars: Some of the artist i have worked with are Radio Rell, Yung Hectek (Santa Ana Hec), Kaynine, AV Lmkr, Jackie Chain, Maserati Shellz, Ray Cook, Dropboy Tilley, Vince Versus, Shottie Boi, C4Mula, Mouthpiece, Santa Ana Slick, TKO, Definition, Jamez Frazier, Crown Vicc, T. Marie, and KT. It is a blessing to work with every artist i have and I'm willing to work with artist in general. To do music is a blessing to me.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years? Stupid Bars: In 5 to 10 years I see myself progressing and still pushing the envelope that i am now but on a higher and bigger scale. Learning and getting my point across. Speaking my story and helping as much as i can. Finding my purpose and being a light to someones darkness.
In one word describe your hunger for this music? Stupid Bars: I describe my hunger for music as a "Pitbull".
What are some of the good and bad about the music industry today and what do you think about the music out today? Stupid Bars: In todays music industry its good to have so many different avenues. So many talents and ways of expressing yourself. I love where it has gone. But at the same time i feel like it has lost its way. They have people who really have nothing to say blowing up. Talking about nothing and promoting nothingness. Just drama, bs, and negativity. It has always been around but i feel as if they drowned the good music positive music for sex drugs and money when it is so much more to life than just that. It is so much more to promote that could help. life and generations to come than what the labels are presenting us with. You really have to search and look for artist like myself who have really have something to say. I'm not knocking anyones music but speaking from my lane is all. I love all music because i can relate to all i just don't like how they make it seem like thats all there is.
What do you have to say to these upcoming artist who are new to the business? Stupid Bars: My advice for new artist is don't believe everything do your homework as in research its a lot of bs but its also a lot of genuine people who will help. You will take l's but just know you will always bounce back. Keep your hunger, keep striving, keep fighting, continue working on your craft, and don' fall into the trap of being how someone else wants you to be. Just be yourself
What do you think about SwaggNation Magazine and what we are trying to do in entertainment? Stupid Bars: SwaggNation Magazine is, has been, and will always be dope to me. A platform working in all lanes and helping artist who. Most people over look and don't over look. Every has their time to shine and i feel like SwaggNation Magazine is perfect no judging just helping and caring for all cultures and genres of music as well as modeling. SwaggNation Magazine is perfect for entertainment in general. And I salute them, respect them, and i am more than grateful to be a part of the catalog that they have built over the years.


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