A  Shane Ramsay Article

Shane Ramsay Interview with Chris Pinset

Chris, you and I met in your recording studio many years ago.

Fast forward from a long story, I was invited to the recording of the Red Gone Wild album by Redman. You and team could not be more welcoming and I had the time of my life in NY. From radio stations to recording studio you and team stay working hard. I can not thank you enough. Red Gone Wild would go Gold and Jermaine Paul would later win on The Voice season 2. Let's talk about it.


Shane: How amazing is it that you record some of the best in music?


Chris: I’ve been fortunate really . I started recording in the 80s . I’m on a lucky streak .



Shane: What I noticed is your ability to keep the session moving. What would you say is the biggest thing you focus on in a recording?


Chris: Honestly , over time , analog technology and low cost have helped me create a canvas that works for me . I truly focus on getting a great lead vocal sound .


Shane: You even shared some tips and secrets with me that I value and notice in other music. Can you share just one?


Chris: One thing I do is make sure I have one great vocal and one great track . I find that if you’re doubling lead vocals ... you’re basically translating the idea that you think the lead is weak . So one vocal is my thing . Also , if a song is three minutes .. that’s how long the red light should be on .


Shane: How do you prepare for a session?


Chris:  Preparation depends on the individual recording artist and genre . Everything artistic is a reflection of what we perceive , so I keep the glass clean .


Shane: What is your inspiration and why do you work so hard?



Chris: My inspiration is my childhood musical experience growing up . I try and keep up with the musicians of yesteryear , .. so I never really get there like a horse chasing a rabbit.


Shane: For someone starting out, what do you suggest?


Chris: I suggest everybody get a midi/usb keyboard and a Mac loaded with Abelton and waves plugins. A good mic interface. A good mic.


Shane: Do you try and limit yourself to 8 hours of working or keep working if there is work?


Chris: First of all, we don’t work. It’s a play and record button over there. So I lock myself up in a room and go til I sleep like a slot machine.



Shane: What do you think most artist are not doing well and need to focus on?


Chris: I focus on what artists do well. I think overall, I think with the lack of musical instruments and players of instruments.. true specialists..  there’s a void of good taste because of the financial evaluation of music today.


Shane: What do you think artists are doing well and need to continue?


Chris: Musicians are rocking and need to continue being themselves.


Shane: A thousand thank you's for your time. Congrats on everything. Can't wait to hear more from your lab. Very good to connect with you again.




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