Nathan Aitken aka TempoMental is a Canadian Hip-hop and R&B artist who specializes in conscious raps, intricate flows and soulful sounds.

Born October 10th 1984 in London Ontario, TempoMental's influence in poetry and music started early in life. His mother Shelley Aitken had incredible creative writing skills and his father Mike Micks was a musician and ran his own Dj business for more than 30 years. Thus TempoMental was introduced to a wide variety of music in every genre

In his early teenage years, TempoMental would gravitate towards music he could really relate to and feel. His musical tastes would vary from late 90's alternative rock to 70's soul & funk to early 90's hip-hop. He would freestyle with friends in school and in his spare time but never really had any ambitions to pursue music.  It wasn't until early 2000's that TempoMental's friends would persuade him to use his skills and take it more seriously.

 In 2003 TempoMental would join forces with fellow artist Reginald Finley aka Reggie Retro. Reggie educated Tempo on beat making, properly recording vocals and instruments and putting songs together.  In 2004 TempoMental and Reggie released "World So Cold" under the newly branded "TNR"and started SoulSoundStudios. The album was independently pressed and distributed.  Tempo and Reggie would work many different projects in the following years, however none of them were released.  In 2007 TempoMental released "Window To My Soul"  In 2010 Tempo and Reggie would bring Scott Hornung aka Sindakit on to the roster and formed the SoulSoundCrew.

2012 SoulSoundCrew released an online mixtape called "Sounds Like Hip-hop". The project did fairly well in its debut, however SSC would have a falling out later that year. Tempo also released a small EP entitled "Deafening Pain". 2013 TempoMental released the "Wastelands & Waterfalls" mixtape. 2014 TempoMental & Sindakit released "The Black Tape Project" and toured Ontario with it.  2015 TempoMental released "Involution". It was the first album professionally pressed. Early 2016 TempoMental would release an online only EP titled "High Hopes & Empty Pockets". The project was entirely self produced, mixed and mastered. October 4th 2016 TempoMental released his second professionally pressed and nationally distributed album "Loaded With Pain".



MORE to Come From TempoMental


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