The Real YungN

SwaggNation: How does long Beach play apart in your music?


ThaRealYungN: My music is Long Beach I was born and raised in the beach so my music reflects that. S/O 2 Long Beach it made me who I am today


SwaggNation: Is gangster rap the only style you do? What are some of your projects coming up in the near future and who will be featured on your Ep?


ThaRealYungN: I do music period. I speak on shit that’s going on around me so it might sound like gangster rap or street rap. I love giving niggas something they can walk to or hop a lowrider to lol. I'm working on "Cali Clean Tha EP" I got a few features on it. I got the homie Twynn the homie Unpredicable R.E.D My nigga JLocc is my day 1 from my hood he the first one that's going to drop something on my entertainment company CaliCleanEnt that's my loc. And of course my Cuzzin WestKavi.

SwaggNation: Buy you being in an interracial marriage how does it affect your music being a gangster Rapper in a city with a lot of racial gang issues?


ThaRealYungN: Yea I'm in an interracial relationship my wife is Hispanic and it doesn’t affect my music. My wife family bangs and supports my music. Plus it's a respect thang. I love and respect her family and they love and respect me. Now do I have issues with a few Latinos from this hood or that hood yea but that's just in the name of banging. That's street shit u feel me.

SwaggNation: The Long Beach city movement is doing BIG thangs in 2016 with some talented artists and by listening to your music I can't help to wonder why a talented artists out of Long Beach is not on that movement we know that you have ties with some of the members.


ThaRealYungN: Yea the homies is going big things!! S/O 2 the Long Beach City Movement my nigga Young Sagg,Beefy Loco Aka BeefyBankz and FadeRR they pushing the line for the city. I would have been down to work on the project but shit I am not the only one from the city that didn't get on it. But it's all good they doing that thang and we are too. We all are pushing the line for the city at the end of the day. I was at the video shoot for "Beach City" showing support and when it's time for me to shoot videos I'm sure the homies going to be there to support me and what I'm doing. So again S/O to the whole Beach City Movement y'all keep pushing the line for the city and bringing peace back to the city North, East and West!!



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