SwaggNation : First thing we want to know is the meaning of your name and what it stands for? I hear you have a pet peeve about your name can you let us know  what it is?


. IT is what's it is. CALI breed your automatically assumed sized up n assumed to be reppin certain flag. Especially when a Mf saying yo name wrong people automatically put you in a certain group. Most people see the name and take it as red assume o dat niggaz must be a blood. So it's important that my name is said correctly so there's no confusion as to where I stand. Neutral.


SwaggNation: Stre-eat Fame ENT  what does the name represent & what should we suspect from Street fame entertainment in the near future any projects in the making?

R.E.D. : STREEATFAME ENT IS COMMITTED TO PROVIDING AN OUTLET FOR  SELF EMPOWERMENT AND FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE THROUGH THE CHANNELS OF multimedia. Bring the fame to the streets so we all can eat. The streets need the light and needs to be talked. People say I'm good just give me the money fuck the fame. The true meaning of fame is Talking about or shedding lights on someone's achievements. Well if the streets achieve we all achieve we the streets have power to change we just haven't tapped into it as a whole and using that power we have to help sustain one another. These millionaires  and billionaires ain't setting up shop in the hood and providing opportunities. Somebody gotta do it. It was done before by certain groups and organizations. History tends to repeat itself. I want all my people to succeed though it's not reciprocated that's the harsh reality of reality lol. It's time for the masses to eat not just a few thousands people.

New projects coming soon on iTunes I'm working on a project wit Tha RealYungn he got his own project he about to drop under CaliClean I have  2 More solo projects dropping real soon more industry mixers and a Summer Mansion Party coming we busy.


SwaggNation : What do you want your fan to get out of your music?

R.E.D. :  I want my fans to get something they can use on a day to day. Something they can hear and feel as if they know me or want to get to know me even more. Everybody got their own story to tell….it may not be able to reach millions of people but keep pushing your brand it's about consistency and being able to adapt.




SwaggNation :Tell your fans about Black 300 and what it's all about.

R.E.D. : My bro Zeus started it in St. Louis stemmed from the movie 300 a small group of strong individuals overcoming the odds as a brotherhood. Without the Bs. Black300 is family. If you've seen the movie then you know what it is.




SwaggNation: If you had any words for the young generation coming up what would it be

R.E.D. : Follow your dreams and make it happen. Don't settle for excuses and don't believe everything you see and hear. Be your own boss. Give Respect and it will be given.

Mixtapes By R.E.D


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